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20 Dec 2016
Lia Schopmeyer - Digital marketing executive at Lia Kelly

10 car things only people who grew up in the 80s and 90s will remember


RIP cassette player – we’ll never forget your unique way of simultaneously playing and eating our mixtapes.

roll down window

1. Choke

Nothing to do with you not chewing your food properly, this little thing controlled the air flow in the car.


2. Cassette player

Those were the days, when you could drop the hottest mixtape and understood the important relationship between these two objects:



3. The hot desire to own a car with wing doors


Solely blaming Back to the Future for this of course – but who DIDN’T want this highly impractical door design?!


gull wing car


I mean… it’s still pretty cool.


4. Having no power steering


You really had to whip it to park your car. On the plus side, it was a solid bit of exercise.


watch me whip

5. Roll-down windows

Who thought having to crank the window down was a safe thing to do while you were driving?

roll down window

6. Lack of seatbelts in the back


Seatbelts are a great invention, but it was only in the early 90s where it became compulsory for rear adult passengers to wear them. Crazy right?


robin buckling up

7. No air con


All windows were rolled down and it still felt like the pits of hell. Air con wasn’t standard then. And if you had one, you were considered rich.


melting chocolate bunny

8. Ashtrays

Back in the day when smoking in cars was generally accepted.


Though often they’d only ever house spare change.

9. Boiled sweets

A cornerstone of any road trip. These powdery treats made a long trip with the ‘rents bearable, sort of.



10. Cigarette lighter

Similar to the ashtray, it met its maker when we finally realised that a glowing-hot piece of metal is probably not the best thing to have near you while you drive.

cigarette light


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