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31 Mar 2016
Jamie Gibbs Jamie Gibbs

10 car pranks played by really bad friends


Because “it’s just banter, mate” can only go so far

Car pranks

One of the best things about friends is their ability to take a joke. But when you start messing with their motor, that friendship is pushed to its limit.

Here are 10 ways you can lose friends but have a bit of a giggle in the process. Bear in mind that we don’t recommend you do any of these. Play nice, kids.


Now just kick back and watch them do a rage-induced inspection of the car.

Post-it prank

Because some things are worth raiding the office stationary cupboard for.

Painted rainbow all the way across the sky

 Rainbow prank


Cruel it may be, but you can’t deny that it’s kind of beautiful in its own way.


Ain’t no party like an exhaust pipe party

Offset their carbon footprint with the sound of a thousand birthdays.

Magnetised coffee cup

Coffee prank


 Drop a magnet into the bottom of a coffee cup and attach it to the roof of the car. It’ll be hours before they realise why everyone was shouting after them on the drive home.

Glitter / confetti in the air vent

Give that special someone the party vibe. Just make sure you leg it before anyone mentions clean-up.

Why you should never fall asleep in the car

The classic “OMG we’re going to crash!” fake scream that’ll guarantee to give your mate the willies.

The standard clingfilm prank



As a true friend, you should offer to help them clear up. After watching them struggle for 20 minutes, of course.

Cardboard modifications


For the wannabe boy racer with zero cash. As pranks go, these awful mods are by far the nicest to look at.

Put them in a sticky situation

Add a generous helping of Vaseline under the door handle to ensure that your friend achieves maximum levels of disgust.


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