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Jamie Gibbs

Nine iconic horror movie cars


We've searched through the horror universe to find some wicked sets of wheels.

Whether the car is the danger, or rescuing people from it, some of the most iconic cars are featured in horror films. Check out our infographic for the full frightening list. 

Ghostbusters (1984)


When New York City experiences an increase in paranormal activity, there’s only one organisation that can help. Who you gonna call? Ghostbusters!

One of the most iconic horror cars, the Ghostbusters roll up to the scenes in a Cadillac ambulance – the distinctive siren alerting the New Yorkers of their presence. 

The chemistry between Bill Murray and Dan Ackroyd is hilarious, with great performances from Rick Moranis and Sigourney Weaver. Not to mention Slimer, a pesky green poltergeist with a penchant for sausages.

Dawn of the Dead (2004) 

dawn of the dead

This was the first pick of Scott from Anything Horror:

“Horror movies don’t get more iconic than Dawn of the Dead! Not only did the original movie have some groundbreaking special effects, but it also exhibits a level of social conscience not often seen.

Never preachy, Dawn of the Dead stabs at the heart of American consumerism and exposes it for what it is. Empty.”

Death Proof (2007)

death proof

Anything Horror’s Scott says of Death Proof:

 “Death Proof is the perfect balance of Grindhouse/exploitation and what I like to call Tarantino-isms.

The dialogue is fresh and sharp, the characters are dynamic and larger than life, yet the violence is brutal and raw. Death Proof is a modern-day exploitation classic!”

Evil Dead franchise (1981 - 1992)

evil dead

Ash’s battle against the Deadites was a firm favourite of April from Fangoria:

"The Evil Dead franchise's popularity in the horror community will never die. The films will continue to be a staple in any fright film collector's stash, and Bruce Campbell's iconic character Ash is one that will live on for generations to come.”

The Hitcher (1986)

the hitcher

Jim Halsey decides to take a road trip in his Cadillac Seville when he spots a lonely hitchhiker. After picking him up he realises this man isn’t who he seems.

After narrowly escaping a near-death experience, poor Jim keeps seeing the hitcher everywhere he goes. Unfortunately, the Seville only gets him so far, as a desperate cat-and-mouse chase ensues, with chilling performances throughout. 

Joy Ride (2001)

joy ride

Joy Ride was another top pick of April from Fangoria:

“Although 2000's era horror films get a bad rep, Joy Ride is one that even some die-hard classic horror film fans will make an exception for. 

The film is riddled with panic and suspense, and Ted Levine's voice-over work multiplies the dread throughout. Levine delivers an absolutely intense, unforgettable performance without ever making an on-screen appearance.”

Rubber (2010)


Ok, it’s not technically about a car –  but this film is a cult classic. Rubber follows the journey of a tyre that used telekinesis to explode the minds of its victim. It’s definitely not your standard car-chase film, but it really is worth a watch. 

Duel (1971)


The driver of a giant Peterbilt lorry doesn’t like it when salesman David Mann overtakes him. And David soon becomes aware that this demonic driver is dead-set on running him off the highway.

The Plymouth Valiant certainly has speed, and outruns the intimidating lorry for a while… But can it get David to safety? 

Christine (1983)


When a 1958 Plymouth Fury finds its way to socially-awkward Arnie Cunningham, he can’t believe his luck. And the new car certainly turns a few heads within the school.

His new-found confidence is short-lived however, as it becomes clear that the sentient car has a deadly mind of its own… 


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