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3 ways to let your car show you care


Blamed for pollution and congestion, the car often gets a bad press. But there are so many ways you can use your car for a good cause. Here's just three of them. 

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Donate your old car to charity

When your old motor reaches the end of the road, why not donate it to charity via Charity Car?

The scheme is partnered with over 50 registered charities including Oxfam and Marie Curie and has raised over £122,000 for worthy causes.

Charity Car deals with all the legal paperwork and donates the value of recycled cars or those sold at auction to the charity of your choice.

Motorists who would like to donate their car can visit the Charity Car website, enter the vehicle's registration number and postcode and decide if they would rather deliver their car or have it picked up free of charge.

Any car that is accessible can be collected, even if it isn't roadworthy or doesn't have tax or insurance. It can also be picked up from a garage – ideal for cars that have failed their MoT and aren't worth repairing.

Jackie Price from Gloucestershire donated an old Peugeot 206.

“I'd never scrapped a car before so wasn't sure how to go about it,' says Jackie.

“But the process was so easy. The car raised £60 which we donated via Charity Car to a lovely local charity -  The Cotswolds Dogs and Cats Home.”

Become a volunteer driver 

Volunteer driving can be fun and rewarding and make a valuable contribution to your community.

Opportunities range from taking elderly people on outings or collecting items donated to charity shops, while animal lovers can provide transport for rescue pets through the RSPCA. 

But before you get behind the wheel it's important to clarify matters as regards your car insurance. 

“If you're using your own vehicle for volunteer driving then you'll need to contact your insurer to find out if you're covered by your regular motor insurance policy and include your volunteer driving miles when declaring your annual mileage,” says Matthew Lloyd, head of Motor Insurance at 

“If you're using the charity's vehicle you should be covered by their insurance, but always check with them to be sure.' 

Charities should  cover volunteer expenses such as fuel and any additional insurance costs and this is something you should discuss with the organisation beforehand.   

Support you favourite cause with a car sticker

We've all either had or spotted charity car stickers displayed on the back window.

Ones for the RNLI or local charities are popular, but the most memorable is almost certainly the “A Dog Is For Life Not Just For Christmas (ADFIL)” slogan from The Dogs Trust Charity. 

“For nearly forty years we've used this message to raise much needed awareness that our canine pets should be treated like family members, not fashion accessories to be cast off when their appeal wears thin,” says a Dogs Trust spokesperson. 

“Installing one of our ADFIL stickers in a car window might seem like a small gesture, but it's a quick and simple way of raising awareness about the importance of responsible dog ownership."


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