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Jamie Gibbs

11 bikers who'll restore your faith in humanity


From rounding up horses to helping those in need, there's some lovely people on two wheels out there. lovely bikers


1.Stop horsing around

All he needs is a lasso. 

2. A helping hand 

 Little gestures go a long way. 

3. So close

This could've been disastrous if these bikers hadn't been around to help.

4. A Good Samaritan 

A biker helped this elderly gentleman who was struggling to walk, and it made his day. 

5. Under pressure 

Checking tyre pressure can be confusing. Luckily this biker was around to help.

6. Off-road rescue 

No one can ignore a distressed lamb. 

7. Feel the power! 

The biker gained a new fan and the boy got to rev a bike! it's a win-win situation. 

8. A lucky spot 

A very tense moment, the poor kitten.

9. High-speed bike chase  

Dog vs. bike, who will win?

10. An act of kindness 

it's great to see this biker providing support to people less fortunate. 

11. Busted

An upstanding biker assists a gentleman catch two shop-lifters. 


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