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Driving in Sweden can offer some of the most beautiful sights in Europe. But what should you know before hitting the road?

Houses near a lake - Sweden

Getting started

Driving in Sweden is usually quite simple and convenient, with well maintained roads and generally quite calm traffic.

It's known as one of the safest European countries to drive in, with the fewest fatal accidents relative to population.

But there are still several important differences between driving in Sweden and in the UK which you should know about.

Hit the road

Once you get onto Sweden's open roads, you’ll find spectacular drives where quite often yours will be the only car on the road.

Don't be tempted to drink and drive: the blood-alcohol limit in Sweden is just 20mg, compared with 80mg in the UK, with random checks and on-the-spot fines.

Star drive

Head north out of Gothenburg to Stenungsund and you’re set on a wonderful three-day adventure across bridges and ferries to the lovely islands of Tjörn, Klädesholmen and Orust.

Best of the rest

Bridge in Sweden

Another famous drive in Sweden is along the E4 highway, which will take you through the UNESCO World Heritage Site of The High Coast in Ångermanland.

The retraction of the last continental ice sheet led to the whole area rising above the gulf of Bothnia, forming a series of beautiful, steep cliffs.

A trip down the E4 highway will also take you across the beautiful High Coast Bridge, making it one of the most famous driving roads in Sweden.

Laws of the land

  • All car passengers must wear seatbelts if fitted.
  • In built-up areas horns must only be used in emergencies.
  • Trams always have priority.
  • All vehicles must use dipped headlights during the day.
  • Motorcyclists must wear crash helmets at all times.

Swedish speed limits

Road types Speed limit
Urban areas 30 or 50 km/h
Outside urban areas 90 km/h
Motorway Up to 120 km/h

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