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08 Jul 2015
Adam Bate

Driving in Finland


Finland is a fascinating land of lakes and forests – a dream destination for the adventurous motorist.


The drive in Finland is incredibly scenic and traffic jams are rare. These things combined result in a breathtaking road trip you won't forget for a long time.

Hit the road

Although it’s possible to drive for hours without seeing any sign of the local police, you should pay attention to speed limits and drink-drive laws.

Fines are issued on the spot and will depend on your income – there's no upper limit. The blood-alcohol limit is 50mg and a reading of 120mg can land you in jail.

Star drive


The coast road from Helsinki to Turku along the old Swedish King’s Road is spectacular. From Turku you can head out to the remote island of Aland using a series of small ferries.

Laws of the land

  • If you park after dark in a poorly-lit street you must leave on your parking lights and park in the direction of the traffic.

  • If the speed limit is 60 km/h or less, buses have priority when pulling out of a stop.

  • Trams always have priority.

  • Motorcyclists must dip their headlights during the day and wear crash helmets.

  • You must use your headlights at all times.

Finnish speed limits

Road type Speed limit
Urban areas 50 km/h
Outside urban areas 80km/h or 100 km/h (dependent on road quality)
Motorways 120 km/h

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