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21 Jan 2014
Diana Zagorodnya Diana Tannorella

7 dumb ways to invalidate your car cover


From driving into deep flood water to leaving your keys in the ignition - let's take a look at the silliest reasons for claims to be turned down.

1. Ignoring flood warnings

Invalidating car insurance - 2

This isn’t “The Spy Who Loved me” and your car isn’t the Lotus Espirit submarine car. Stop pretending you’re James Bond.

Your insurer could reject your claim if you damage your car by ignoring “road closed” signs and driving through floodwater.

2. Trusting a robot to direct your every move

Blindly following your satnav could lead you into some pretty hairy situations. In the case of one driver in the Pennines, their satnav almost led them off the side of a 100ft cliff.

In this case, your insurer could argue that it’s more than just bad luck and you’ve been negligent.

3. Keys left in the ignition

Invalidating car insurance - 3

Leaving your car unlocked and unattended is like putting up a big neon sign saying “come at me, bro”.

Any claims are likely to be rejected if the car is stolen due to negligence.

Be extra careful during the winter months when your car could be targeted by “ice bandits” when leaving it running to defrost.

4. "Forgetting" to update your insurer

Invalidating car insurance - 4

Forgetting where you put your keys is one thing. Forgetting that you’ve added a hulking great spoiler and spinning rims is taking the mickey a little.

Forgetting or lying on your insurance policy comes under “non-disclosure” so make sure you tell your insurer when your circumstances change.

5. Driving without MOT is NOT a good idea

Invalidating car insurance - 5

Forgetting your keys and keeping your insurer in the loop is one thing, or two in this case. But driving without an MOT is something else.

Some insurers will invalidate your cover if you’re driving without an MOT. Claims could be refused if your car isn’t deemed to be maintained in a “roadworthy condition”.

6. Accepting cash for lifts

Counting money

Surely the pleasure of your mate’s company – and three hours of badly-sung Frozen covers – are enough?

Most insurers won’t object to car sharing or asking for petrol money. But once you start making a cheeky profit, your insurer might get upset.

7. Don't go racing your car

Invalidating car insurance - 7

Driving around re-enacting the Tokyo drift from the "Fast and Furious" will definitely make your insurer more nervous than they should be.

Using your car for rallying, racing or for off-road events is excluded from your policy, unless the policy has been specifically extended. 


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