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21 May 2015
David Rendell - Digital marketing executive at Dave Rendell

7 car insurance claims so crazy you’ll never believe them


From flying cows to stowaway sheep, here are some of the most unbelievable claims insurers have told us about.

Car driving in flood water

1. You shall not pass 

On a rainy afternoon one driver tried to go through a puddle which could be described as more of a river. He got stuck and called out a recovery van.

The recovery van also got stuck in the water, so they called a second recovery truck to rescue them both.

When the second recovery vehicle arrived, its driver slipped getting out of the cab and broke his leg, leaving all three stuck. The emergency services eventually came to the rescue.

2. Mouseketeers 

An excited owner was in for a surprise when he uncovered his £30,000 show car after it had been kept covered and protected in his garage over winter.

He discovered his car had been re-purposed as luxury accommodation for a family of mice. They'd eaten the leather interior, as well as the gear lever and the entire back seat.

The cheese-eating vandals had also chewed through the majority of the car’s wiring, leaving it undriveable.

Talk about expensive tastes.

Cow standing next to a car

3. Holy cow

After attending a wedding where the bride had chosen to arrive in a helicopter, one driver called to report some unusual damage to his parked car.

As the bride was leaving, he had the pleasure of seeing the updraft from the helicopter blow a cow over a fence and onto the bonnet of his car.

You know the saying, "something old, something new, something borrowed, something ... flew?"

4. Jumanji

One adventurer was enjoying a drive through a safari park when they accidentally reversed into another car. The reason? They were trying to escape the rhino charging at them head on.

Not that the rhino would have appreciated the pun, but they should have pressed the horn.

5. Danger - Ice!

Keep watching the skies. One driver was shocked when a large block of ice fell from above and landed on his £100k, two-week-old sports car, causing considerable damage to the bonnet and engine.

Did it fall from a plane? Was it a curious case of hard rain? The mystery goes on.

6. Unexpected passengers

A farmer claimed for damage to his car after he’d driven off the road into a ditch.

The cause? He’d looked in his rear-view mirror to see one of his sheep sat in the back seat, calmly starting back at him.

This spooked the farmer so much that he lost control of the car. Both farmer and sheep were unharmed.

Woman pushing broken down car

7. What goes around, comes around

During some typically wet British weather, one driver claimed a lorry splashed through a large puddle she’d been parked near and flooded the engine.

The next day, an article was published in the paper with photos of her car being driven into flood water by a man before being towed out by a van.

The man was her boyfriend and he wasn’t insured to use the car.

The insurer dropped the claim. This left the owner with a hefty repair bill and the difficult task of explaining to her husband who the man driving their car was.


First published 21 May 2015


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