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22 May 2015
Lia Schopmeyer - Digital marketing executive at Lia Kelly

15 truly awful car modifications


Some people don’t care what good taste dictates, and when it comes to their car, the sky's the limit. 

Horrible car mods

1. Spoiler alert!

Horrible car modification 1

Why buy a bigger car when all you need are some extra seats? And you thought the bus was the worst way to travel.

2. No Money? No Problem!

Horrible car modification 2

A true masterpiece and a great example of why everyone should DIY. Let's hope it never rains!

3. Snakes on a car

Horrible car modification 3

Taking animal print a step too far, this car mod is hyssssterical. We need Samuel L. Jackson up in here to set things straight.

4. Seems legit

Horrible car modification 4

Best. Disguise. Ever. This is the motor version of a drawn on six-pack.

5. The Bad-mobile

Horrible car modification 5

No one would want to mess with the Batman in this high-tech car.

6. Less Dark Knight, more Adam West

Horrible car modification 6

As Bruce Wayne once said “This isn’t a car." Spot on, Bruce - it's a bat-beetle hybrid.

7. The DePlorean

Horrible car modification 7

“Wait a minute, wait a minute, Doc. Are you trying to tell us you built a DeLorean out of garbage?”

8. We went back to the future and all we got was this lousy limo

Horrible car modification 8

For when a generic DeLorean is not classy enough for your hen and stag do.

9. Fast & Fumin’: Newport Drift

Horrible car modification 9

Someone really stuck their teeth into this project. Maybe someone’s attempt to make a car friendly looking.

10. Where’s Wally? Where’s your restraint?

Horrible car modification 10

What do YOU do with all your childhood memorabilia? Washing this car is no 10-minute job.

11. Spring/summer collection

Horrible car modification 11

Cars are the new black it seems. If you don’t speed down the catwalk with this, we're sure you’ll impress the fashionistas of the world with this sweet ride.

12. Speed holes

Horrible car modification 12

We all know that speed holes make your car go faster, right? It was on the Simpsons, so it must be true!

13. There, I fixed it

Horrible car modification 13

We aren’t sure what’s worse: the terrible excuse of a Mercedes star or the fact this is an actual Mercedes.

14. Duct tape

Horrible car modification 14

The car has been "modified" with duct tape because, as you can tell, it’s pretty much as good as getting a full re-spray.

15. Mark Zuckerberg's car

Horrible car modification 15

Don’t be surprised if you get unfriended over this. They’re probably just jelly.

What are some of the worst modifications you’ve seen?


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