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£Million Mega Draw


We've made someone a millionaire!

Steve Belcher had been told that he’d won £10,000, picked at random after buying his car insurance online via Or, had there been a mistake...?!

Captured on hidden cameras, Steve and his wife Julie were distraught when two actors impersonating staff revealed that they wouldn’t be taking the £10,000 home with them. Their concern quickly turned to elation however, when it was revealed that they would in fact be taking the grand prize of £1,000,000 instead! 

Watch Steve’s priceless reaction when the truth is finally revealed! 


Steve Belcher saidThe news still hasn’t sunk in with me to be honest, I just don’t know how to describe it!  I thought it was a very elaborate wind-up and I’m still half-expecting Jeremy Beadle to pop out at any moment.

You always hear of others winning millions of pounds but you never think it would happen to you! I’m going to be paying the mortgage off and then I’ll buy a place in Tenerife. And the rest? Well it’s really just going to help so much.

Thank you so much and thank you BRIAN – you really have changed our lives!

Martin Coriat, CEO of added “It’s such a thrill to change someone’s life by giving them £1,000,000. We’re so happy for Steve and his family, and hope they enjoy the money.

“We have had a lot of support and loyalty from our customers over the years since we launched, and wanted to show our appreciation through this giveaway. It’s been a pleasure to make 13 of our customers £10,000 richer, and making someone a millionaire really was a fantastic way to end the giveaway. Congratulations to Steve and all our weekly winners!”

The £Million Mega Draw has now closed. 


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