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Take a glimpse into the future of home technology.

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The evolution of home technology

The future is now.

Technology evolves rapidly - by the time you're used to one thing, its replacement has already hit the shelves.

Thanks to smartphones and smart TVs, people are connected to their devices in ways no one thought possible a few decades ago.

So what's next? This interactive tool takes a look at technology that - though available today - is still in its infancy, and shows how it will be applied into the homes of tomorrow.

Insurance implications

As our technology becomes more sophisticated, it poses a different kind of risk in the eyes of insurers.

How secure is a smart lock on your front door compared to a deadlock? How much safer is your boiler when it's controlled through smart technology?

Not to mention the added cost of new gadgets like 3D printers, holographic visors and interactive cooktops.

Home insurance expert Gareth Lane says:

"When buying fancy gadgets, it’s vital to check these features are covered on your home insurance policy, especially the more futuristic ‘wacky’ technology that is often very expensive.

"This includes adjusting your policy when you renovate or purchase new items."

Sci-fi movies that predicted today's tech

From Back to the Future to Total Recall, here are some classic sci-fi movies that predicted the technology we use today.

Brits predict what will feature in the homes of tomorrow

Voice-activated lights and self-flushing toilets will feature in the homes of 2025, say Brits.

Five smartphone apps to control your whole house

From changing the thermostat to feeding your pet, these smartphone apps give you complete control over your house.

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