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Top 10 pet names revealed


Cat and dog owners are favouring human-style names for their pets, proving they really are part of the family, but what names are the most popular?

Traditional pet names are dying out.

No longer do owners call their dogs Rover and cats Tiddles.

Instead, human-style names are becoming the norm. People prefer to name their prized pooches Alfie and Bella, and their cute kittens Charlie and Molly.

So what are the top 10 most popular pet names?

Top 10 dog names

Number Pet name
1 Poppy
2 Bella
3 Alfie
4 Charlie
5 Lola
6 Max
7 Molly
8 Ruby
9 Milo
10 Daisy

Some of the more bizarre names that didn’t make the top 10 list include: Lord Widget, Thatcher, Erik Moonpug, Tupac da 5th, and the loveable Mophead.

Top 10 cat names

Number Pet name
1 Bella
2 Milo
3 Oscar
4 Charlie
5 Poppy
6 Lola
7 Molly
8 Tilly
9 Alfie
10 Daisy

Some of the more interesting cat names not in the top 10 include: Dribbly Bob, Nobie Waterman, the bloodcurdling Giles Wellington Mouseripper, and simply The Cat.

Pets as people

dachshund dressed as princess

Alex Webb, head of pet insurance at, believes the rise in popularity of names such as Charlie, Bella and Molly could suggest a tendency towards anthropomorphism.

This means giving human characteristics to non-human things such as objects, organisations or, in this instance, pets.

Alex says: "The increasing popularity of human-style names suggests that barriers are being broken down between pets and their owners.

"Pet owners no longer see themselves as having dominance over their furry pals, but instead see them as true friends and companions. People, even. Hence the shift towards more human names.

"Although it’s worth noting that humans have never really had authority over cats."

Pet name generator

If you've just bought a pet and haven’t given your new cat or dog a name yet, don't worry.

To coincide with these findings, has launched a pet name generator.

So if anyone’s in any doubt as to what to call their new bundle of joy, they can have the perfect name generated based on whether they’re a cat or a dog, their age, appearance and personality.

Use the pet name generator.

Birth Petificate

In addition, proud owners can download and print out their own pet "birth petificate" to make it official.

Alex says: "It’s the perfect tool for anyone looking for inspiration as to what to name their new kitten or puppy.

"And it’s a good bit of fun!"


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