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Jamie Gibbs

Almost a third of Brits hot under the collar at wedding preparations


Something old, something new, someone stressful, someone blue.

Couple at wedding

Almost one in three married Brits admit that planning their wedding was a stressful experience.

With the sheer amount of preparation and planning involved to pull off the perfect day, it’s no small wonder why 30% are a little flustered before they even walk down the aisle.

In fact, 10% of brides-and-grooms-to-be said that planning their wedding took over their entire life.

Bridezilla and Groomzilla aren’t just cute stereotypes – weddings are serious business, and for some the pressure can be too much.

Depending on how complex you want your wedding to be, your to-do list may look similar to an SAS tactical insertion document.

From the dress to the venue to the colour of the petals of the flowers that’ll hang on the door as guests enter the venue, it’s surprising that the average length of time to plan a wedding is only seven months.

Still, one in seven said they wished they had more time to plan their wedding.

Family politics most stressful

What stresses Brits most when planning a wedding?

Of those surveyed, 29% said that the most stressful thing about planning their wedding was keeping both families happy.

The other 71% probably resigned themselves to the fact that this is a scientific impossibility.

A further 17% said that their guest list was the most stressful. Do you invite your cousin’s boyfriend’s auntie that you spoke to once at a barbeque? What about your co-workers?

And even after that, who sits with who? It’s enough to make anyone want to crawl into a hole and wait for the whole thing to go away.

Check out our wedding etiquette guide for some help.

Money worries were a major stress factor for 16% of married Brits. The average cost of a wedding comes in at around £20,000 – almost as much as the average UK salary.

The high cost of a wedding has led to a rise in DIY weddings, which can be a bit hit and miss.

Choosing the venue is one of the first big decisions to make when planning a wedding, and it proved too much for 5% of Brits who said it was the most stressful thing of all.

Life insurance “slips off the to-do list”

With a to-do list as long as the wedding train, couples are at risk of having tunnel vision with their upcoming nuptials.

Although 41% of Brits said that they’d have an outstanding debt if they were to die today, 40% said that they didn’t consider life insurance an important purchase before the wedding.

Matt Lloyd, head of life insurance at, said:

“With so much to think about for the big day, it’s easy to see how buying life insurance can slip off the to-do list.

“Couples should remember that getting married and building a life with someone can come with significant financial responsibilities.

“Sensible financial planning can put your mind at ease.”


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