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Jamie Gibbs

10 cringe-worthy DIY wedding fails that you should avoid


Because there are some things you should leave to the professionals

1. DIY invitations – correct grammar is always optional:

Wedding invitation fail

Source: Reddit

2. DIY venue – just get married at the place you first met:

 Wedding venue fail

Source: Heavy

3. DIY cake – if you’ve ever wondered how you’d cross Jabba the Hutt with a Christmas tree:

 Wedding cake fail

Source: Wordpress

4. DIY dress – transform your happiest day into the final scene from Carrie:

 Wedding dress fail

Source: Weddingbee

5. DIY photographer – it’s not like your photo album will be your only souvenir for the rest of your life:

Wedding photographer fail

Source: BBC

6. DIY music – if you’re into jazz fusion, this’ll be right up your street:

7. DIY stag do – what could possibly go wrong?

8. DIY favours – it’s what’s inside that counts:

 Wedding favour fail

Source: Sunnyskyz

9. DIY wedding car – get that expensive wedding look with some shoddy Photoshop skills:

 Wedding car fail

Source: Bajiroo

10. DIY dance tutor – you’ve seen Footloose, you know how it’s done:

Getting it right

So what do you do to dodge disaster on your special day? Kelly Hood from Boho Weddings says:

"Leave yourself plenty of time. Start early and never leave things to the last minute, otherwise you'll still be crafting the night before the wedding!

"Also, involve as many friends and family as your can - don't try and do it all yourself. By enlisting a few extra pairs of hands you'll get your DIY jobs done a lot quicker."


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