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11 holiday souvenirs that will lose you friends


Presents to some is just junk to others. Here are 11 souvenirs that are likely to make your friends and family hate you.


Souvenirs are meant to make you feel nostalgic when you’re back in the rainy grey car park on a Monday morning.

Often though, they’re just a cheap way of fobbing off family who expect presents from your trip.

1. Miniature model of landmarks

The models somehow never capture the magnitude of the landmarks but never mind, there are different colours to choose from.

2. Tea towels

We can’t be the only ones who’ve noticed that these kind of tea towels never absorb any moisture, right? They’re as useful as a chocolate tea pot.

3. Dead animals

In this instance Australia has decided to kill their national animal to flog to tourists so they can scratch their backs with the cold dead paws.

If animals become hyper-intelligent in the future and start enslaving humans, don’t be surprised. Other dead animal souvenirs include dried toads and snakes in booze.

4. T-shirts and clothes with ‘funny’ statements

Because how else will people know you’re a funny person? By now people probably have a section of their wardrobe completely dedicated to t-shirts with comic sans slogans.

5. Rude things

If tacky wasn’t bad enough, you can level up by adding a pair of women’s breasts or animals doing it. Simple pleasures…

6. Food no one wants to eat

Ok, so you might find that one person who enjoys weird food. But why take the chance?

7. Ornaments

If your family hasn’t got enough stuff they need to dust and could potentially trip over at night, ornaments are a perfect way of showing just how little you care about them.

8. Clocks

This is again where practicality meets tack. Should you rely on a cheap clock in the shape of a building to wake you up on time in the morning? Evidently not.

9. Magnets

The fridge magnet industry would be dead without tourism. The sad thing that most magnets have in common is that they all come from China.

10. Bad booze

If you were scared of eating an unknown substance that someone assumed was food, how about drinking something that is equally mysterious but definitely alcoholic?

Judging by the picture on the label, they’re usually extracted from a fruit or plant you’ve never heard before. You could have the time of your life drinking that stuff- or go blind.

11. Fake things

You get what you pay for. If “can you get me something that sort of looks like a minion” was not what your niece uttered to you before your trip away, you’re probably in trouble.


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