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Neil Faulkner

Worried about oversleeping? New missed-flight cover could be for you


An insurer called No Exclusions has developed a new type of policy called missed-flight cover.

Asleep at the airport

This insurance will get you on the next available flight, or give you a refund for your missed flight – your choice – if you arrive late at the airport.

It doesn't matter why you're late. Whether you were stuck in traffic or overslept, No Exclusions says its insurance will pay out.

Fear of not flying

Recent research commissioned by the company highlighted passenger concern about arriving on time at the airport. Seven out of 10 respondents claimed to sleep restlessly, or not at all, before a morning flight.

Four out of 10 passengers will even consider staying at an airport hotel in order to alleviate this stress before flying.

How missed-flight cover works

The insurance is already available for all easyJet flights at a cost of £7.50 one way and £9.50 return.

If you book yourself onto the next available flight, rather than get the cost of your flight back, the insurance will cover all flight costs including your seat reservation, baggage and admin fees. There is no excess to pay.

The only catch is that you won't be covered if you don't make your way to the airport and get to the easyJet desk within four hours of the departure time. That is technically an exclusion, despite the insurer's name – No Exclusions – but there are no others.

Is it cost-effective?

The insurance is roughly as expensive as some travel insurance policies, which can cover everything from medical expenses and cancellation to lost or stolen property – but not missed flights, and such cover typically comes with lots of exclusions.

At the time of writing, looking at flights from London to Cologne or London to Munich, passengers who miss their flight face paying around £80 to £120, including baggage and other fees, to book a new seat at the last minute.

This means that, to make missed-flight cover for the flight out worth it in the long run, you'd have to sleep through your alarm as frequently as one time in 11 to one time in 16 flights.

Peace of mind

Despite this, Kevin Bissell, director of KRD Financial Advisers, sees the benefit of peace of mind. He said: “Personally, I think it could be very useful as it is always a concern to myself when travelling to catch flights.”
Furthermore, other last-minute flights might be more expensive. You could get a rough idea how expensive a last-minute booking could be if you missed your specific flight by looking at prices for the next flight on your route.

Who this insurance might be suitable for

The insurance might be more appropriate for early-morning flights, so that you have a chance to get on a later flight the same day.

To get the missed-flight cover, you buy it through the easyJet website while purchasing your tickets.


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