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12 ways to stay fit in winter


Winter can be a lazy and indulgent season, don’t let it happen with these twelve easy tips.

woman asleep on sofa

We are bombarded with fitness tips in the summer, but what to do when there’s a rainy storm brewing outside and the last thing you want to do is put your joggers on?

Here are 12 easy ways to staying well in the winter.



The winter months can be stressful with holidays coming up and the rush to buy presents. Doing yoga either in a class or at home can help you relax and let your body and mind calm down each day.

It’s amazing how emptying your mind can help you see your life more clearly.



You might be tempted to stay home as it’s way too cold to go outside but going swimming indoors can be a great way to stay active and not let the temperatures affect you.

Swimming is really easy on the joints and is a full body workout. Afterwards, you could even relax in a sauna or steam room if you’re lucky enough.

Get in the sunshine

woman in the winter sun

If you’re not really a sporty person, one thing you can do is get out and catch some sunshine.

It might be more difficult when you get up early each morning for work and finish when it’s already dark but try and get out during lunchtime and definitely on the weekends.

Ice skating

ice skating

Why not use the winter months to do some seasonal activities? Most cities will have an ice rink of a sort each winter.

While it may not replace a daily workout, going there with friends and family once a week can be great fun without making it feel like exercise.



Running is definitely not one of the first things that springs to mind when thinking of winter sports activities but hear us out.

The crisp air and the deserted parks can be quite liberating.

To make it slightly less of a chore, warm up indoors before nipping out.

Workout videos

Workout videos are great no matter what season, but in winter, they can be a great alternative to being outside or making a trip to the gym.

There are hundreds of different workouts to choose from, including free ones on YouTube. Find the one that looks the most fun to you and squeeze it in between your favourite TV shows.


people dancing

Dancing is an amazing way to staying fit while also having a lot of fun. Instead of becoming a hermit for the winter, make plans with your friends.

Socialising as well as dancing will help your mind and body. Just make sure you don’t cancel the good with a few too many drinks.


If you’re sick of the cold, you can always plan a mini trip around winter.

There are many places that are mild and sunny during our winter months and aren't too far from the UK, so why not catch a bit of sunshine and enjoy the warmth. 

It’ll give you a positive boost when you’re back.

Invest in proper equipment

If your sports gear looks the same all year round, it’s no wonder you dread going outside. Just like how your normal wardrobe changes with the season, so should your workout equipment.

If you run, invest in proper clothing to keep your body warm during a run. If you cycle a lot, look into getting the right jackets and possibly gloves. You’ll be surprised what a big difference this can make.

Catch up on sleep

sleeping couple

If it’s so dark so early, why not have early nights? We never get enough sleep on average and it’s the perfect excuse to get some shut-eye earlier than we’d normally do.

Getting a great night sleep will help you be more productive and alert. You might even fancy some exercise then.

Organise your home

boxes and plant

Even if you don’t want to do much physically, getting your home ready and organised for the new year can be exactly what you need. 

De-clutter and find your inner zen and start afresh. Spring cleaning not necessary.


There are many charities who operate at full speed around winter. You can actively help the homeless as the cold months are harsh on those without shelter.

Give back to the community and feel like you have made a positive impact to the world.


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