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Adam Jolley

The 10 best anti-smoking adverts


With Stoptober in full swing, the 28-day campaign encouraging smokers to kick the habit, we look at anti-smoking adverts from around the world.

1. Thailand

This Thai video makes clever use of a child to remind adults about the harmful effects of smoking. 

2. France


Image source: Ads of the World

This print advert from France illustrates the damage smoking does to your breath.

3. USA


Image source: Ads of the world

Secondhand smoke is the target of this American advert.

4. UK

The UK tends to favour shock tactics when it comes to its anti-smoking adverts.

5. Italy


Image source: Ads of the World

This Italian anti-smoking advert takes a direct approach.

6. Canada

A funny advert with a serious message from Canada.

7. India


Image source: Ads of the World

This advert from India utilises the nation's affection for family life.

8. New Zealand

This interesting video from New Zealand is designed to promote World Smokefree Day.

9. Brazil


Image source: Ads of the World

Brazil's love of football is used to good effect in this print advert.

10. Belgium

"Food and cigarettes don't mix" - that's the message of this quirky anti-smoking advert from Belgium.

Do shock adverts work?

In recent years many countries have employed shock tactics to try and convince smokers to kick the habit.  But do they actually work? We asked a panel of smokers for their opinion.

Claire Jones, 28, says: "The advert is really, really alarming but somehow I don’t think it alone will make me never have another cigarette."

Matthew Thomas, 27, says: "I tend to only smoke when I have a drink, so when I’m out at the pub and have had a few beers I don’t think this would come into my head.

"Sadly it’s not until the next day when I’ve got a hangover that I wish I hadn’t had a cigarette.”

While our panel doesn't seem to think they are effective, the results remain to be seen.  According to the latest statistics by hscic (Health & Social Care Information Centre), there hasn't been any significant drop in recent years.

Stop smoking this Stoptober

Stop smoking for 28 days and you’re five times more likely to stop for good, according to Public Health England - the people behind the annual Stoptober challenge. Visit the Stoptober website for more information and free support tools to help you quit.


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