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Lia Schopmeyer - Digital marketing executive at

Seven of the best health apps to get fit


Keeping healthy is on most people’s mind but it’s not always easy with a busy life.

Health apps

These apps will help keep you in shape at the touch of a button. From eating better to exercise, there's hardly anything apps can't do.

1. Nutrition - MyFitnessPal

Health apps

This app helps keep your food intake in check.

It’s easy to log any food or drink you had as well as exercises to monitor your progress. The app also has a barcode scanner so you can log foods as you buy them for use later.

Using your current weight and your goal weight, it’ll display your daily calorie allowance. With a huge library of different foods and their nutritional values, it’s easy to track every calorie.

2. Exercise with a thrill - Zombies, Run!

Health apps

Fan of the inevitable demise of the living? Are you prepared to run for your life? Zombies, Run! is a fun app that’ll gamify this whole health business for you.

"We know that running can be really boring, so we use top-quality audio drama, mixed in with your own music, to put you in the centre of your very own zombie apocalypse story."

- Matt Wieteska, Zombies, Run! Audio Director

If running for your life doesn’t motivate you, we don’t know what will.

3. For when you’re busy - 7 Minute Workout

Health apps

No time? Getting fit won’t have to take hours.

This seven-minute workout app will literally take seven minutes but it'll help boost your energy and possibly motivate you to do more exercise when you do have time.

4. Track it - MapMyFitness

Health apps 

If you’re a frequent runner, it may be worth knowing your progress and what you’ve achieved.

This app could be a cheaper solution for tracking your movement than forking out a ton of money on a tracker you wear on your wrist.

5. Breathe freely - LIVESTRONG Quit it Coach

Health apps

Quitting this particular vice could not only mean cheaper life insurance but also many other health benefits like clearer skin and better breath.

Apps like Quit it Coach are there to motivate you, keep track of your achievements and give you information on how your body is improving.

6. Keep in control - NHS Choices Drinks Tracker

Health apps

It’s easy to get carried away on a night out and lose track of how many drinks you’ve already had.

Tracking your drink intake and seeing when you might be overdoing it could help keep you in check. The app will also give you daily tips and help you maintain a balanced lifestyle.

7. Stay calm - Stop, Breathe & Think

Health apps

The modern day life can be quite stressful, especially when you tend to take work home or have a busy schedule.

Stop, Breathe & Think is an app that will guide you through various meditations and help you develop your compassionate side.

Your mental well-being is as important as your physical one and often one will influence the other. Find your inner zen in no time.


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