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Lia Schopmeyer - Digital marketing executive at

10 lunchbox ideas that'll make you look forward to work


Dining al-desko is standard for most people, but sandwiches can get pretty boring. Get inspired with these delicious lunch ideas.

1. Oodles of noodles

Serious Eats

There's nothing glamorous about pot noodles, but there's definitely a touch of luxury with these homemade instant ramen. Get the recipe and different flavour combos for yourself.

2. Fill yer Quesadilla

Stuffed Suitcase

It can hardly get easier and tastier than this. Super simple, maximum taste. Just make your own.

3. Portable portobellos

mushroom egg
Healthy recipes blog

Well, these are very neat. If you enjoy your food vessel edible, this one's for you.

4. Lettuce inspire you

lettuce wrap
Food and wine

Easy to make and super portable, these lettuce wraps will burst with health and flavour.

5. Full English frittata, ta!

breakfast frittata
BBC Good Food

What better way to eat a full English than tidily hidden away in a frittata?

6. Lasagne soup

lasagne soup
Carls bad cravings

Um, hello? Did this recipe just cut about an hour and too much hassle from the lasagne making process? Give this person a medal!

7. Mini meatloaves

mini meatloaves
Boulder Locavore

Make them in a muffin tray for ease and eat them like the mini burgers you always wanted for lunch. They're even freezable too.

8. Pizza and bagel, together at last!

pizza bagel

Open-faced pizza bagel or bagel based pizza? Whichever it is, the crunchy, yet chewy dough mixed with cheesy pizza flavours will win over anyone.

9. Taco bag

taco bag
Posed Perfection

How have you lived your entire life assemblimg a messy taco when you could just chuck it all in a bag... Many years of clean taco eating wasted.

10. You can win friends with salad

jar salad
The Kitchn

Contrary to popular belief, you indeed can win friends with salad. Especially when it's packed in a cute mason jar that is functional too, keeping your salad fresh.


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