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Jamie Gibbs

Top 5 health tips from our favourite fitness bloggers


Looking to get and stay in shape? Five fitness bloggers share their top tips on maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Fitness bloggers

The benefits of a healthy lifestyle are plenty: not only will you look and feel great, but you’ll make yourself less prone to serious illnesses.

Then there’s the added bonus of increasing your life expectancy - check out our life expectancy calculator for a light-hearted look at how long you are on this world for.

So we asked our favourite healthy living bloggers for some advice to keep you motivated.

1. Do what you love

Fitness bloggers

What’s the point in eating food you hate and doing exercise you don’t enjoy?

Maria from Running Cupcake says: "If you love something then you’ll naturally include it in your weekly routine.

"Don’t be afraid to try new things because you never know what you’ll enjoy until you give it a go!”

2. Small changes become big habits

Fitness bloggers

One of the reasons why people fail their fitness goals is because they try to change too much, too soon.

As soon as 1 January rolls around many of us swear we’ll give up smoking/drinking/fast food and work out three times a week.

But too many lifestyle changes at once leave us more likely to give up as quickly as we started.

Cat from Outside Beauty, Inside Health says: "I started out with running 100 metres before being out of breath and I built it up from then.

"I then made sure I had breakfast every day, then I added squats to my daily routine.

"It’s easier to stick to something if you change only a few things rather than everything all at once."

3. Ease into healthy eating

Fitness bloggers

This also works when you’re changing your diet, as Laura from Whole Heartedly Healthy points out.

"One week you could try drinking more water, the next week add an extra veggie to your plate.

"It may be difficult to begin with but after a few week these things will start to become habits.

"Your palate will change so that healthier foods taste better, and things will get much easier."

4. Take a break

Fitness bloggers

Going full pelt every day is admirable, but you only risk injuring yourself if you overdo it, according to Tamzin from Salad and Sequins.

"Remember to take rest days!

"Your body needs at least one day to rebuild and repair from training so it works to its fullest potential."

Sound advice. When we work out, what we’re actually doing is causing microscopic tears in our muscles.

It’s only when we rest that the tears are repaired and made stronger.

5. Do some lifting

Fitness bloggers

You’ve probably seen the stereotype in the gym: muscle-bound men huddled in the free-weights corner while the women are lined up on exercise bikes reading Fifty Shades of Grey.

Break free from this convention, says Rebecca from Weight Wars, in order to get a good total workout.

"If you’re a woman don’t be afraid to lift some weights, just make sure you investigate a good lifting programme beforehand.

"If you’re a guy, don’t forget that endurance lifting is just as important as strength."


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