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Adam Jolley

13 signs that healthy living is not for you


Eating well, exercising and enjoying the great outdoors - it's not for everyone. Here are 13 signs that healthy living isn't your forte.

Fitness fail

1. You don't quite get the concept of training.

2. The thought of running makes you weak at the knees.

3. Your pre-work out routine involves pepperoni.

4. You're asked for a refund on your two tickets to the gun show. 

5. When fashion comes before health

6. Salad is your enemy.

7. And fruit is even worse.

8. You think all outdoor activities must involve fast food.

9. Being at one with nature doesn't come naturally to you.

10. Your crow pose is more like a swan dive.

11. This is your idea of a balanced diet. 

12. The end of Friday night always looks like this: 

13. Even if you train really hard, your efforts fall flat.


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