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Ciara O

The 10 stages of payday emotions


We promised ourselves next month will be different, but somehow we manage to fall victim to the same emotional roller coaster.

Happy to sad

It usually looks something like this…

1. Waiting for payday be like.

How many more minutes? *refreshes banking app*


2. Then it finally arrives, you’ve made it!

You feel a sense of achievement for making it this far.

Adele with grammys

3. Time to check how rich you are.

"OMG, i'm a millionaire!"

Hands counting money

4. You buy all the nice things.

Because any purchase can be justified on payday.

I need it

5. Eating out on a Monday just because you can.

I'll have the lobster please.

Lobster dinner

6. Midweek drinks are also acceptable.

Wednesday cocktail anyone? My treat.

Man holding a cocktail

7. Reality kicks in.

Yeah, you've done it again, time to budget.


8. Time to pay the bills.

You suddenly realise how much money you have left.

Woman blocking her face

9. Food rations.

Instant noodles and soup for the rest of the month.

Justin Timberlake and noodles

10. Defeat.

Well that was fun while it lasted, roll on next month!

Help me i'm poor



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