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Ciara O

10 alternative ways to earn some cash


There are plenty of alternative ways to make a few pounds - see our top picks for inspiration.

1. Festivals

 Buses at festival

Festivals can be a great way to make some extra cash. Festival peak time is summer, but you can find local events all year round. 

They often require bartenders, security, ticket inspectors, parking assistants etc. The list is endless. Look out for up and coming events in your area.

2. Be opinionated 

Simpsons gif

Marketing companies are always looking for focus groups to give opinions on new products. No qualifications necessary, just be you! 

Another easy way to earn some dosh is to complete surveys online, they pay anything from £1 to £50, depending on the type of survey completed, and you get to do it from the comfort of your home. 

3. Tour guide

Tour guide

If you have a good knowledge of local history, and know your way around, why not take full advantage of your area and become a tour guide? 

Take people off the beaten track, give them an authentic feel for the area they visit, not just the touristy sites. You could earn up to £5 per person on a group tour.

Just be sure to ask your local council about permits and restrictions etc.

4. Housesitting

Being paid to sit in a house, sounds like a breeze eh? House sitters are paid to live in someone’s house while the owners are away. 

Basically watering plants, feeding pets and making sure the home is secure. You can earn up to £20 a day. Advertise locally or through an agency.

5. Extra extra

Fancy getting a taste of the lime light and earning money while doing it? Then sign up as an extra. The BBC pays around £65 a day, for example, and you'll get free meals.

But it’s not all glitz and glamour, be prepared to travel at short notice and stand around in the rain and cold for long periods of time, burr. 

6. Mystery shopping

Shopping gif

Getting paid to shop might be every girls dream! A large number of retailers use secret shoppers to analyse their staff’s service skills. 

Each shopping assignment pays up to £20 and you get reimbursed for any purchases. You can get paid to eat, drink, shop or even watch movies. Nice! Find out more here.

7. Car booty

We’re all guilty of hoarding, and accumulating multiple gadgets, accessories and clothes that we probably will never use. 

So why not hold a garden sale, or car boot sale? Events are held regularly all over the country and typically cost £5 to enter.

8. Nude modelling

 A dog in high winds at the beach

Comfortable with your body? Aspiring artists often need life models and it's not as risqué as it sounds. All you have to do is sit still and you can earn up to £10 an hour.

9. Tutoring

How i met your mother gif

Got brains to burn? If you’re particularly good at a subject you could earn you up to £80 per hour tutoring. 

No teaching qualifications necessary, but obviously you’ll have to know your stuff. You can advertise in local papers or online with an agency.

10. Rent out your spare room

Got some space in your home? Why not earn some extra cash by playing host to foreign exchange students? Or if you’re not a fan of having a full time lodger, then why not advertise your room on Airbnb? 

You get to choose who stays with you, and for how long. Rooms rates are completely up to you, just charge what you think is a fair rate for your area. 

Who knows, you might even meet some interesting people along the way. 



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