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Finding yourself without winter sports cover may be snow joke


Ski resort in winter 

Are you going to tear down some powdery slopes this winter? Then urges you to be sure you have the right level of cover on your travel insurance policy.

As winter sports are inherently more risky than regular holiday pursuits, it’s prudent – nay, essential – to ensure that the following scenarios are covered (where applicable):

  • Beware the elements!
    The skies can be volatile during the winter season. Check to see that cover is provided if – due to bad weather – the ski resort is blocked or scheduled public transport services are cancelled.

  • Avalanche!
    See that you are covered for extra travel expenses or accommodation if your arrival or departure is delayed by more than 12 hours due to avalanche. And, when on the mountain, try not to make very loud noises!

  • Curtailment
    Cover should be provided in case your trip is cut short by returning home earlier than the planned date of return.

  • Inability to take part in winter sports activities
    If you are unable to ski due to illness or injury, then be sure that any lessons, your ski equipment and ski pass are covered on your policy.

  • Piste closure
    Cover is typically provided where skiing is prohibited for a period in excess of 12 hours – but check the policy to make sure.

  • Search & rescue
    It’s an idea to be covered for search and rescue – regardless of the circumstances under which you might go missing.

  • Your own ski equipment
    Cover is typically provided for skis, ski sticks, ski bindings, ski boots, and snowboards.

  • Ski equipment that you’ve hired
    Cover is typically provided for any damage caused to hired ski equipment.

  • Replacement ski equipment hire
    Cover should ideally be provided for ski equipment hired due to loss, damage or delay of the insuree's own ski equipment.

  • Your ski pack
    If you are unable to ski due to illness or injury, then any lessons, your ski equipment and ski pass would be covered on your policy.

  • After-care for your achey bits
    You can be covered for physiotherapy costs upon your return to the UK for injuries sustained whilst on your winter sports break.


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