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13 things only people who’ve shared a house will understand


Sharing a house can be fun. But mostly, it’s the biggest test of patience you’ll ever have to go through in your life.

people fighting

You might feel you're the only one who suffered but you're not alone. Here are 13 of the absolute worst things your housemates did to you. 

1. The non-existing cleaning rota

You’ll see the vacuum used exactly once - when everyone moves out and wants their deposit back.

2. The mountain of rubbish

teddy bear in bin

If you can still fit stuff into the bin, it’s not full enough.

The house will fill up with the stink from the kitchen until the person with the most sensitive nose begrudgingly takes it out. 

Not that they’ll get a thank you for it either…

3. The food disappearing act

dog taking pizza

You start buying unpopular and dubious tasting food just to stop your housemates making off with it.

"What do you mean? Of course I love soy milk, doesn't everyone?"


empty milk bottle

What kind of monster puts back an empty milk jug in the fridge rather than in the bin?

nick young meme


5. The "No sorry, I haven’t seen your mug…"

mouldy mug

Your favourite mug goes “missing” and if you’re lucky, you’ll be given it back as a present from your housemate when they leave.

6. The 4am bedroom DJ

The only thing worse than their hearing is their poor taste in tunes. 

And if you're unlucky, they'll also bring the party back to your house. It's probably worth insuring EVERYTHING you own.

7. The new loo roll… on top of the empty loo roll

toilet roll

If the picture above fills you with rage, then congratulations. You’re completely normal.

8. The passive-aggressive notes

passive aggressive note

They behave like everything is fine to your face, but then you find dozens of little notes all telling you how horrible you are.

For added effect, they’ll randomly write words all in capitals so you know they’re serious. But then end with a smiley face because you’re all friends here, right?

9. The phantom housemate

You only know of their existence because rent is being paid and someone’s using all your shampoo.

10. The freezer hog

full freezer

You can just about cram in a tub of Ben & Jerry’s. It means defrosting that turkey your housemate was saving for Christmas, but they won’t mind.

11. The third wheel

harry potter

When your housemate’s boyfriend/girlfriend is always around and make you feel like the third wheel in your own house.

12. The damned dishes

“I only used like one plate, I’m not doing all the dishes!” - everyone

13. The constant struggle over the heating

You either live in a house where you sleep in your coat, or you have to constantly turn the heating off because it's the middle of August - who in their right mind puts the heating on?!


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