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Georgina Kent

11 reasons why cats really are SO much better than dogs


There really is no doubt about it, cats are better than dogs.

Two siberian cats

You might have heard that dogs are better than cats, but that's wrong. Here's why cats are definitely better.

1. Cats don't steal food

"Hold on, let me just help you with this, baby human, omnomnom"

A dog eating a little boys ice cream

2. Cats are much, much smarter

Dogs literally have no attention span... 

Seriously!? Cats don't need to be coerced down a red carpet to do tricks, they do whatever they like.

3. Petting a cat can actually make you relaxed

mmmm... what stress?

A cat being brushed

4.  Their offspring are arguably THE cutest ever

I has no discernible grammar skillz and it makes me cuter.



5. They can feed themselves

... and sometimes they bring you some food too, aww, cheers for that... err... dead mouse.

A cat with a dead mouse

6. They're very independent

Dogs need to be walked, every 👏 single 👏 day 👏.

A dog in high winds at the beach

Sophie Dale via Jersey Evening Post

Whereas cats come and go as they please and don't have to rely on you.

Cat chilling outside cat flap


7. They can dance

♫ 'Cause this is thriller, thriller night'

Thriller cat

8. Cats love other animals

Totes not going to eat these baby chicks.

A cat snuggling with chicks

9. They help to keep all surfaces clutter-free

"You want this off the table? Ok."

A cat helps to tidy a surface

While dogs just make a mess.

"Hello master, here's the newspaper you wanted."

Two dogs surrounded by mess

10. Cats clean themselves

"My tongue is my shower!"

Cat licking lips 

11. Cats make great babysitters

"I loves the human kittenz, I does!"

Cat rocking a baby 

We'll just leave this here, thanks for reading.

Very sleepy grey kitten


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