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Tips on choosing a puppy


There are hundreds of breeds to choose from but with a little research and self-evaluation it is possible for everyone to find the right puppy for them.

A dog hoping to be adopted in a kennel

Selecting the right puppy should be given a lot of consideration by you and the entire household. 

The right puppy will make a terrific friend and companion but the wrong one may end up being isolated in the back garden or given up all together.

Exercise requirements

A happy puppy with a stick running

One of the things you need to consider in determining the right breed is its personality. 

All puppies are energetic and active, but once in adulthood, the dog’s level of activity should match your personality and lifestyle.

If you’re the type of person who likes to spend a lot of time indoors, on the sofa, and in front of the television or reading a book, you need to pick a puppy that will also enjoy the same lifestyle.

On the other hand, if you have an active lifestyle and are looking for a dog that shares the same level of energy as you, consider getting a sporting breed. 

These dogs have an unlimited amount of energy and will be more than happy to go out with you hiking or jogging.


Different sized and breeds of dog

Don’t assume a dog's size directly reflects his activity levels. 

Most small breeds are very active and enjoy a lot of running around, while some large breeds can have moderate-to-low levels of activity and are more content lying around.

However, when it comes to your living situation, size can be a big influence in deciding which type of dog to have. If you live in a flat, you are better off with a small breed.

Households with children often opt for small-to-medium size dogs as it is easy for big dogs to accidentally knock down a small child.

If you prefer a big breed, keep in mind that they generally shed more, eat more, and potentially cost more in medical expenses (medications are usually prescribed according to size and weight).


pet insurance policy

If you decide to bring a dog into your home you should also think about taking out pet insurance. A pet insurance policy will cover the cost of most vet bills should your pet fall ill or need medical treatment.


A dog reaching through a kennel to touch a hand

And finally, you may also want to look at adopting a dog instead of buying one.  Visit Dogsblog or the RSPCA for more information and to find thousands of dogs waiting to be re-homed.

For more tips on choosing a new dog visit our guide on how to make dog adoption work.


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