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11 reasons why dogs are undoubtedly better than cats


Sorry, there’s no doubt about this one. Dogs are better and here is why.

laughing dog

Dogs are a man and woman’s best friend. It’s a phrase for a reason.

While calling someone a cat lady can be quite an insult, again for a reason.

Here are 11 more reasons why there can’t be a debate about which pet is the best.

1. Dogs actually care

"Wrap up warm, human puppy."

dog tucking in baby

While cats just...

cat on sad woman

2. Dogs have jobs

That's right, they probably do a more important job than you.

police dog

Cats not only don't work, they actively prevent YOU from working too.

cat on laptop

3. Dogs love other animals

They are kind beings.

dog and bird

While cats just have no chill.

roomba cat

4. Dogs can do tricks

Such talent, wow.

balancing dog

Cats won't do tricks, nor can they do the most basic things.

cat jump fail

5. Dogs give great alibis

"Errrrr, my dog messed up the formula in the spreadsheet..."

naughty kid and dog

Cats don't care if they're caught red-pawed.

6. Dogs are great pillows

Sooo comfy.

kid asleep on a dog

While cats think you're the pillow.

cat asleep with kid

7. Dogs clean up after themselves… sometimes

Who's a good dog?

Cats on the other hand, just like making more mess.

cat shaming

8. Dogs make this whole dating game easier

"I have a dog too, let's be together!"

couple with dogs

While owning cats can seem quite lonely...

crazy cat lady

9. Dogs like being dressed up…mostly

Hair of the dog, anyone?

dog martini

This one is currently plotting your untimely death.

cat costume

10. Dogs really listen to your needs

"I totally get you, Sharon."

dog crossing leg

But cats? They just push your buttons.

11. Dogs humour us silly humans

"Selfie time!"

While cats avoid contact at all cost.

"Nope, not even once, Ariana."

ariana grande cat

Thanks for stopping by, we woof you.

eyebrows dog


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