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Guide to pet insurance


The cost of a vet can be astronomical. Pet insurance is there for any eventualities, the question is which one to choose?

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There are several options available to you, it depends on your circumstances and pet and how much cover you may think you’ll need.

Lifetime cover

A lifetime cover is the most comprehensive one. The benefit of this cover is that if your pet becomes ill with a chronic condition, a lifetime policy will usually cover this as well as accidents.

Unlike what you may think, a lifetime cover isn’t unlimited and it will depend on your insurer as to what is actually covered, so read the terms and conditions before you buy a policy.

There’s a set limit on how much you can claim each year and if you decide to renew, this limit will be reset.

Be aware that some insurers may have age limits and other exclusion, so again, it’s important to read up on what is covered before you buy.

This policy needs to be renewed every year.

Maximum benefit


A maximum benefit policy will give you a pre-set claim value. This means you can claim for the same condition or separate ones until that threshold is reached.

There’s a maximum you can claim on each condition and when this is reached you won’t be able to claim for that condition again.

There’s no time limit on this.

Time limited

A time-limited policy is straight forward. A pet owner can make a set amount of claims within a 12-months period for an eligible condition. After that period, that specific condition will be excluded from further claims.

Accident only

sick cat

Accident only policies can work out well as a cheaper alternative. As the name suggests, accident only policies cover your pet when it has injured itself in an accident and excludes hereditary conditions.

However, it could cover a condition that occurred as a result of an accident.

There’s also a set maximum amount for each claim.

Long term considerations

Depending on your pet, each policy has its own unique benefits. Read the small prints before you buy as each insurance company may have different exclusions or limits.

In any case, a pet insurance policy could possibly save you from a hefty vet bill in the future.


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