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Teenage jargon buster for parents


Here's the down-low on some of the more common slang terms doing the rounds today.

Teenage jargon

Perplexed by the lingo of today’s teenagers? Puzzled by the lexicon of the local youth? This should help you understand what the youngsters are saying to, and about, you.


This is just a shortening of the word “awkward”, usually used when someone makes an embarrassing blunder or gets caught out.


Bae is short for babe, or baby, though there has been discussion around it meaning “before anyone else” too. You can save valuable milliseconds a day with this one.


Finally, one that kind of makes sense. It comes from “blatantly”, but with an additional “s” for some reason.

Related words are totes for “totally” and obvs for “obviously”.


Derp is used to describe something or someone looking dopey or dumb. It’s usually embarrassing, but in an affectionate kind of way.


Noob, or n00b, comes from the video gaming world, but is used in all contexts today. It describes someone that’s new has no skill or knowledge in a given area.

On fleek

This is new slang for something being perfect or flawless, and is similar to the term “on point”.

But for some reason, 99% of the time it refers to someone’s eyebrows.


Peng is an exaggerated description of a person with good looks or who has an attractive body. As in, "you is well peng, ya know?"


This one stands for "roll on floor laughing", but with genius irony, teens use it everywhere. Especially when nothing funny is happening.

Same goes for LOL, meaning "laugh out loud".


This one’s a new word for being angry, upset, or generally miffed at someone or something. It probably comes from the idea of feeling bitter, which actually kind of makes sense.


This abbreviation originally stood for ‘throwback Thursday’, but is now being used on other days to reminisce about an earlier thought, event or idea. Basically, “remember when…”

Throwing shade

To “throw shade” at someone is to act disrespectfully or insultingly towards them. Although, this one might not be as new as the kids think.


Turnt is usually used to describe a great party, or being extremely drunk. If your kid is using it, it’s probably time for a little chat.


While YOLO has definitely had its peak, it’s still a well-used abbreviation for ”you only live once”.

It started out as an excuse for doing something stupid, though it’s quickly going the same way as the word “random”.


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