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19 signs you turned into your parents


And you thought this would never happen to you.

awkward family photo

Let's face it, you ARE your parents' child.

1. You can no longer keep up with the latest music

"What do you mean?"

dwight and jim

2. You LOVE supermarket offers

"Sausages are such a versatile meat."

full fridge

3. You prefer going to bed at a reasonable hour

And you sleep in a big bed with your partner.

kirk van houtan

4. You look back at how emo you were as a teenager


enid ghost world
Granada Film

5. You prefer comfortable clothes to fashionable ones

Crocs are legit the most comfortable things ever.

6. Dad jokes

Are you a "cool dad"?

the walking dead dad joke

7. You keep looking out the window when there's a noise

"I'm just re-arranging the curtains."


8. You love airing out your house

"Guys, I literally can't even breathe."

peter griffin

9. You have to plan things months in advance

"We should totally do year."

miss piggy

10. You can’t eat as many sweets as you used to

"When I live on my own, I'll have ice cream for breakfast."

buddy the elf
New Line Cinema

11. Slippers

It's like a bed... for your feet.

old slipper

12. You find music in bars and clubs too loud

How are you supposed to have a conversation??

ross gellar

13. Puns

You can now appreciate the genius of puns.


14. You collect plastic bags, just in case

You are totally saving the planet.

15. You actually like getting up early on the weekends

Two loads of laundry done before 10am. Mmmmmhhh. 😌

leslie knope

16. You keep old tins

You kept the empty biscuit tin so you could fill it with LIES, just like your parents.

biscuit tin full of stuff

17. Your hangover lasts a whole lot longer

You used to be able to go out three nights in a row then go to your lectures...

stoned fox meme

18. You don’t throw anything away

What does a mermaid want with 17 corkscrews???

little mermaid

19. You definitely don’t have the latest apps on your phone… what’s a yik yak?

We bet you used to have a MySpace account too.

woman on smartphone


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