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School holiday activity ideas


Don’t let your kids get bored during the holidays. We have a list of ideas to keep them happy and busy.

bored kid

School holidays are great but the pressure is on when your children say the dreaded words “I’m bored.” Take inspiration from our list of holiday activities and be prepared.

We asked expert parenting blogger Helen Wills of Actually Mummy what she does when her children get bored:

“Make a boredom jar! It never lets us down on a dreary day.

"Just spend half an hour scribbling down 50 things the kids like to do, or new ideas from an internet search of craft blogs or Pinterest."

“Fold them into separate slips of paper and pop them in the jar. When you're bored, give it a shake, pick a paper, and just do whatever comes out!”

Here are eight ideas you can pop into the boredom jar.

If you’re looking to keep your kids entertained on a budget, we’ve made a selection of low-cost activities that won’t break the bank.


Children laughing

Have a sleepover at your house. Your child can invite a couple of friends and they can pretty much entertain themselves. Let them sleep in the living room to make it extra special.

Get yourself some ear plugs, though. A group of kids is a noisy affair.

Arts and crafts

School holidays

Get creative and have your kids make things. Anything intricate will take a few days so they’ll be busy for a while.

You can hang up their masterpieces around the house afterwards or put them into a scrapbook.

Free sports classes

Why not let your kids try out different sports? Especially in the holidays, sports clubs offer taster sessions where children can see whether they like a sport or not.

Fingers crossed they don’t pick a sport that involves you buying a lot of expensive kit, though.


You can spice up colouring by printing out pictures of you and your kids as cartoons and let them colour themselves or pictures of your pet.

Crayola has a ‘playzone’ where you can design your own colouring paper for free.

Simply print them out and you’re good to go. If your kids are a little older, you can introduce them to “adult colouring-in” books.

These involve more intricate patterns, so they’ll get a bigger sense of achievement. It’s quite relaxing, too.



While kids might not enjoy pulling weeds in your garden, planting things is a different matter - especially when you grow fruits, vegetables or herbs.

Seeing the plants grow will encourage them to be more adventurous with food as well, especially when they’ve grown it themselves.

Watch films

Instead of spending money on cinema tickets, why not make your own cinema at home?

There are step by step guides on how to turn your phone or tablet into projectors. Now make some popcorn and you’re sorted.

Camp in the garden

Don’t have the time to pack your family up for a camping trip? No problem.

Just prop up a tent in your garden and you can have the full camping experience with all the convenience of not driving for hours.

If they’re old enough, they can sleep alone in the tent, though they might be a bit scared.

And lastly… don’t ignore chores

Washing the dishes

Just because your child’s off school doesn’t mean the dishes don’t pile up or the chore list doesn’t grow.

Get your kids involved in doing the chores and reward them with fun games afterwards.


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