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Georgina Kent

10 free winter activities to do with your kids


Your purse-strings might be stretched to breaking point but there are still great activities your family can do.

Two little boys wrapped up warm on ride-on tractors

"I'm booooored" are two of the most dreaded words kids could say to their parents.  We've therefore put together a quick guide to give you some budget-friendly inspiration.

Make drawing more fun

Why not try turning crayons into dinosaurs with just a silicone ice cube tray and your oven.

Give your garden wildlife a helping hand

Putting out bird feeders in the winter can be a great help to the flying friends in your garden, and making some fun ones with the kids on a dreary January is even better. 


Outdoor fun on a *dry* day

Toddler in a red coat playing in a winter garden

Wrap the kids up warm and send them on a little treasure hunt in the garden, or if you don't have a garden, or a very small one, do it in the house instead or a local park. 

You could give them a list of things to find like 'a tree that still has leaves on it' or 'a twig shaped like a letter Y'.

Or if you have treats leftover from Christmas, maybe send them on a little treasure hunt to find them hidden around the house and garden.

Visit the local museum

A close up of a T-Rex skeleton

Museums are often free but ask for a voluntary donation. They can be a great place to feed your kids imagination as well as learning a thing or two along the way. Sssh, don't tell them that though!

If you live in Wales, all sites owned by National Museum Wales have free entry, this includes sites like St Fagans natural history museum and the big pit.

Parent and toddler groups

Two toddlers playing with toys

If your little ones are very little, you could always try and take them to a tots club. If you already take them to one regularly, maybe try one further afield? 

Netmums has a great directory of toddler groups across the UK if you're looking for something new. What's more, most of the groups only ask for a small fee and give mums and dads much needed tea & coffee.

The beach

A family running on the beach on a dreary day kicking a football

You don't need a hot sunny day to enjoy the beach, some of the best family times can be on a blustery day playing with sticks in the sand with a flask of hot choc on standby.

Story time at the local library

Kids being read to at a library

If you're looking for an excuse to get out of the house, why not head to your local library to see when story time is.  Most local council websites have a library schedule up on site.

Visit a neighbouring town

A picturesque UK village

You don't have to travel far for this one, maybe just a few stops on the bus to the next village or town. You can explore the shops and sights, and stop to have a hot drink.

Go on a nature trail

A toddler running through fallen leaves in the woods

Wrap up the kids, take some snacks and drinks with you and head out on a nature trail. If you bring paper and coloured pencils with you, the kids can do rubbings from nature to bring home & put in a scrap book.

They could also bring some leaves and bits of found foliage home to make a collage with.


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