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11 dubious parenting hacks that totally work


Having trouble getting your kids to do what you want? Remember, you're bigger and cleverer, for now. 


Aren’t you just sick of unsolicited parenting advice? Well, maybe you haven’t yet heard of these dubious parenting hacks.

These should be taken with a pinch of salt of course. And don’t blame us when your kids find out you’ve taken parenting advice from the internet and seek revenge.

1.Tell your kids the truck only plays music when it's sold out of ice cream.

Ice cream van

You’ll never have to argue with your child again. It’ll take them a while to find out the truth, but when they do, run.

2. Convince them sweeping is an actual game

Dubious parenting traps

This is some Derren Brown level of trickery if you pull it off.

All that’s left to figure out how you could trick them into taking the bins out.

3. Use a rope to move the swing

Dubious parenting traps

“This parenting lark is a walk in the park, I don’t know what my wife is on about.”

4. Attach a mop to a onesie

Dubious parenting hacks

Make the most of your baby crawling around. They’re happy to help, trust us.

5. Hide three sweets in your kid's room and tell them there are four

Jelly babies

You now have an hour to yourself.

The more stubborn your child is, the longer your break will be. Pretend to find the fourth when they finally give up so you can use this trick again and again.

6. Use duct tape to keep your child in place

Dubious parenting traps

Who says a tool box doesn’t have useful things for babies? Add their favourite cuddly toy for companionship.

7. Make healthy food look like fast food

Dubious parenting hacks

“What do you mean your fries taste funny?”

You could also switch it around and make fast food look like healthy food to put them off bad grub.

8. Print a road onto the back of a T-shirt

Dubious parenting hacks

Now relax, take a break. Print one out for your partner too and enjoy a day at the spa, courtesy of your rugrats.

9. Let power tools do the manual work

Congratulations, you’re now a parenting master. Use your power tools wisely though.

10. Give your kids the controllers but don't plug them in

Dubious parenting hacks

An easy way to play your games without interference.

They’ll eventually get suspicious when they’ve been slamming the jump button for half an hour and nothing’s happened, so tread carefully.

11. Take away your kids' chargers rather than the devices

Dubious parenting hacks

The punishment is their panic when the battery reaches critical levels.

This works best with teenagers, and it teaches them valuable lessons about prioritising, patience and what happens when they talk back to you.


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