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12 houses completely trashed by kids


Beware, house-proud parents. These kids are ruthless with their mess.

Kids trashing the lounge with flour

We've rounded up 12 videos that prove that being house-proud and a proud parent don’t necessarily go hand in hand.

Be prepared for recurring themes of flour, marker pens, and very patient parents.

1. Flour power

Pie-making is messy business, but these two take it to a whole new level.

2. He thought it was soap

This Big Bear fan managed to keep most of the mess in his hair. Most of it.

3. Budding interior decorators

These parents really appreciated the new look their kids gave their bathroom.

4. Flour power 2.0

This mum was so blown away by the mess that she thought she might throw up.

Seems like that would just add to the problem.

5. Modern art masterpiece

"How did you paint your back?" should probably be the least of this parent’s worries.

6. "I'm trying to work in here"

This tot wasn’t fazed about getting caught, or the spanking he was promised.

7. Paint commandos

These kids started out trying to paint polka-dots, but just couldn’t find the right spot to start.

Creepily reminiscent of the elevator scene from The Shining.

8. Graffiti treat

This tot gets top marks for being thorough. Walls, blinds, bed, face, belly and bum, covered.

9. Beanie babies

These kids just wanted to be ticklish? Not sure how tearing open a beanbag can help there.

10. Soft toy surgery

At a certain point, it’s time for kids and their soft toys to go their separate ways. Ever heard of letting them down easy? This kid hasn't.

11. Frisbee fail

Not sure what this kid expected to happen, playing Frisbee indoors. Better get ready for a timeout.

12. TV troubles

No sarcastic comments here – this can happen to anyone, any time. That’s why you should always wear the Wii wrist strap.

Sorry again Dad.

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