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Rhian Jones

Moving out - expectation vs reality


You probably can't wait to move out and live on your own. But before dreaming about eating cake for breakfast and walking around in your pants, you might want to consider some of these harsh realities. 

full fridge vs empty fridge

1. Expectation: Yes! I'll finally get my own space.

Andy happy in chair

Reality: It can be super lonely and you crave human interaction. 

2. Expectation: It'll be so great when I finally move out!

Reality: Was that a ghost?

scared guy

3. Expectation: The fridge will be full of treats that my parents won't buy.

Junk food in the fridge

Reality: You’re too skint from paying bills to afford luxury food items.

4. Expectation: My parents can't force me to tidy my bedroom anymore.

Reality: You have a whole house to clean now, not just one room. And it takes for-ev-er.

5. Expectation: I can decorate my house exactly how I want it. 

dream home

Reality: Most of your furniture consists of mismatched hand-me-downs from unknown decades.

70s decor
Source: Instagram

6. Expectation: I can walk around the house without any clothes on.

Bart Simpson with towel

Reality: Yes, it's true - you can kiss goodbye to the naked dashes from the bathroom. 

7. Expectation: I can eat what I want without anyone judging me. 

Beyonce eating cake

Reality: You actually have to learn to cook because you miss homemade meals. 

burnt toast

Source: Instagram

8. Expectation: I'll throw wild parties every weekend.

Project X party
Green hat films

Reality: You have to clean up after other people and can't handle the hangovers.

9. Expectation: I'll host summer barbecues in the garden for all of my friends.

Reality: You're so ashamed of the state of your garden you can't even look at it.

Warner Bros.

10. Expectation: No more battling for the TV remote.

rex tv remote

Reality: There’s nothing good on TV anyway, so you just end up watching re-runs.

11. Expectation: I won't have to queue for the bathroom anymore!

Reality: Oops, I forgot to buy toilet roll...

But don't fret, it's all part of the fun. Nothing beats having your own pad and being totally independent. 

Harry potter


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