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Diana Zagorodnya

What to pack for the first night in your new home


Don’t forget to pack these essentials for the first night in your new home.

First night checklist

The first night in a new house can be stressful – you’re tired, the cleanliness of the house is questionable, half unpacked boxes are everywhere and you’re gasping for a brew.

Rather than tearing the house apart trying to find those essentials, here’s a list of things worth packing for the first night in your new abode.

The bare minimum

For your first night, basics are all you need. Set aside a box and include critical things you know you’ll need in the first 24 hours of your move:

  • bedding

  • toilet paper

  • travel washbag

  • change of clothes for the next day

  • kettle and tea/coffee

  • cereal, milk and bread/butter for the next morning

  • ready-meal or local takeaway menu

  • plastic plates/cutlery

  • first aid kit

  • pen and paper

  • phone charger

Practicality never hurt anyone

First night checklist - teaser

Perhaps the basics just aren't enough, and you have a bit more space for few more things? Here's what you should pack to make your first couple of days a little more comfortable:

  • shower curtain

  • soap

  • towels

  • pain relief tablets, eg ibuprofen, paracetamol

  • plasters

For anything urgent that needs to be done around the house, here a few things that you might need just in case:

  • cleaning essentials

  • kitchen roll

  • rubber gloves

  • plastic bin bags and food bags

  • basic toolbox

  • scissors

  • washing-up liquid

  • torch

  • lightbulbs

Have your documents at hand

Perhaps these aren't the necessities you’ll need straight away, but important documents always find a way to get lost.

Keeping these close to hand means you won’t be racking your brain trying to figure out where you put your insurance or identification documents:

  • passport

  • birth certificates

  • national insurance cards

  • insurance certificates

  • a list of utility suppliers and their phone numbers

Moving tips

First night checklist - 3

There's no way around it - you'll feel exhausted by the end of your move. But by pulling a few tricks out of your sleeve you'll minimise any disruption and keep your stress levels at bay:

  • The trick is to pack like you’re on holiday. Don’t go overboard or skimp on what you need to make the first couple of days as comfortable as possible.

  • Clearly label your essentials box (or two) and put it in your car last when packing.

  • It’ll save you time if you clean as much of the house as you can before you start unpacking.

  • Make all the beds up earlier in the day – you’ll be glad when you’re ready to crash.

  • If you don’t have any furniture yet, keep a few pillows handy and you can sit on the floor to eat your first meal, Moroccan-style.

Make sure you have everything sorted before the D-day with our moving house checklist.


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