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Rhian Jones

Top tips for protecting your valuables


Here's how you can protect your valuables against theft and how you can make things easier if something is lost or stolen.

jewellery in pocket

Most people have items that they consider valuables. 

This could be because of how much they cost, where they came from, who bought them or the sentimental value attached to them.

Here are some top tips to ensure that your belongings stay as safe as can be. 

1. Take photographs

woman with camera

It might be a good idea to take photographs of your valuables and keep a brief description of them.

Being able to properly describe your items is essential when claiming on your home contents insurance policy.

From family heirlooms to designer handbags, take note of any unusual features or marks. 

This could help you identify your item in the future if it's stolen and sold on.

And having visual proof could help you claim back the full value of what's been lost or stolen.

2. Keep a copy

holiday photographs

Keep the photographs in print and electronic form, or leave a copy with a friend or family member.

This way, if your computer gets stolen you still have proof of your belongings to show to your insurance company.

You should also do this for any personal photographs you take. Don't just rely on a single device to store your sentimental photos. 

If it gets damaged, lost or stolen you'll have lost something that can't be replaced. 

Social media, cloud storage and image sharing websites can be a useful way to store your images.

3. Consider marking your valuables

attempted burglary

There are ways to mark your possessions so that they're easier to identify if they're ever taken from you. 

One example of this is SmartWater solution.

It's a colourless liquid which is naked to the eye, but under ultraviolet light it glows. This makes any marked items easy for the police to detect if it turns up.

Each bottle has a unique forensic code so that if something is stolen, it can be identified.

So, if you do happen to be the unfortunate victim of theft or burglary, all may not be lost.

Although there are no guarantees, it's a good precaution to take.

4. Be aware of distraction burglars

smashed doors

Burglars will try anything to gain access to your home, if they think it's going to be worthwhile. 

A common method is to distract the homeowner, while an accomplice gains access to the property.

The elderly are often vulnerable to this type of burglary, but it can happen to anyone. So be aware of anyone suspicious who knocks on your door.

Take preventative measures like making sure your wheelie bin isn't placed beneath a window, which would allow potential burglars easy access.

Also, don't hide spare keys anywhere that can be easily accessed.

Try enhancing the lighting in any dark corners or consider installing a CCTV camera, as this could discourage a potential burglar. 

5. Keep valuables hidden

jewellery in safe

Try to lock valuable items away in a safe place that isn't clearly visible to prospective burglars.

Burglars know all the common hiding places. Like expensive jewellery hidden in your bedroom drawer or a jewellery box that's out on display.

So try not to hide your valuables in the obvious places. Invest in a safety deposit box or even a safe, for those expensive or sentimental items.

If possible, try putting expensive items like laptops, cameras, or tablets, out of sight when you're not in the house.

If a burglar looks through the window and can see lots of expensive items on display, your home could be a prime target.


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