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Protect your home this Halloween


It's not only the living dead that you have to worry about on Halloween. Here are some simple ways to protect your home from opportunistic thieves.


With the clocks having gone back - marking the end of British Summer Time - we’ll see longer nights over the coming months.

Unfortunately, this is good news for thieves who emerge in the winter under the cover of darkness.

The end of October and start of November are particularly fruitful weeks for burglars as they look to take advantage of big events to catch out unsuspecting households across the country.

Tips to keep thieves away

House thief

With this in mind, here are some handy tips to help keep your home safe at this time of year.

  • Install outdoor lighting as this gives potential burglars fewer places to hide.

  • Lock your windows and doors even if you’re in.

  • Don’t leave keys hidden outside, near the door or anywhere easily accessible from the door.

  • Get an alarm system fitted as it’s likely to deter thieves.

  • Be wary of distraction burglars who use a seemingly honest cause to gain entry to a home before stealing items while the occupant is distracted.

Vandalism woes

It’s also key to keep an eye out for vandalism during the spooky season as insurers report more claims for damage to cars and homes on Halloween.

Malicious damage and fires should be covered as standard on your buildings insurance, and on your car insurance providing you have a policy covering third party, fire and theft.

But it pays to take care to avoid the expense and stress of having to make a claim.

Popular claims around this period are for smashed windows and damage to doors and garden property.

Tips to keep your property safe

Dog guarding the house at Halloween

Although many police forces will increase their patrols during this period, here are some things you can do yourself to reduce the risk to your property.

  • Park the car in a garage for the night.

  • Move garden ornaments and any other items out of sight, perhaps in a locked garage or shed.

  • Leave on lights, the radio or television when you’re out to make it appear as if someone is in.

  • Ensure sheds, garages and other out-buildings have robust locks.

  • Don’t answer the door to trick-or-treaters if you don’t feel comfortable doing so and place a note or poster, such as this one from Gloucestershire police, on your door if you do not wish to have any visitors on Halloween.

Stay protected from thieves

Gareth Lane is head of home insurance at

He says: "Due to the seasonal spike in crime it’s especially important to take steps to ensure you and your home are properly protected.

"Alongside measures to keep thieves away and deter vandals, having home contents insurance is really important.

"Otherwise you may be forced to cover the cost of any loss or damage as a result of a burglary, for example, out of your own pocket."

7 things only burglars can tell you about burglary

For more pointers on keeping your home and possessions safe, watch three ex-burglars discuss what makes an ideal target and the best ways to protect your home.


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