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Paul Drury's burglary experiment


To highlight the issue of home security, three people were given a chance to break into a house.

Robber wearing a mask

Don’t worry, it was all a set up and they weren’t really breaking into a house. But it certainly made them think twice about leaving that window open at home in the future.

The lucky winners were chosen after correctly naming the city being alluded to in our cryptic ‘guess the town or city’ video.

A city which was also to be the location of their illicit experience – Bristol.

Get in the van!

The contestants were then sent another video featuring a very dodgy bloke, who told them that there was ‘a job’ going. They had to meet him at Bristol Temple Meads station.

Upon arrival, the trio were each bundled into a van and driven to what would be the scene of their ‘crime’.

When the van arrived, each winner was told that the key to the house was under a plant pot - a common home security mistake committed by many homeowners.

Then, they had to ‘get in, get what you can, and get out’.

Our wannabe crooks were then given the chance to ‘steal’ two of the UK’s most nicked items to take home with them - things like iPads, TVs and Kindles.

Watch the burglary experiment below:

You can find out all about how the campaign worked in this video – behind the scenes of’s burglary experiment.

Home security awareness

The whole idea behind the experiment was to highlight the issue of home security, and importance of importance of home contents insurance.

We enlisted the help of a home security expert to assess the security of the house in question. Watch the video below where he give some tips for keeping your home safe from intruders.


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