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How to declutter for Christmas


Don't wait until the new year to declutter. Here’s how to detox your home in the run up to Christmas.

door opening to christmas tree

Expecting family and friends this festive season? Plan ahead so your home is calm and clutter-free.

We've got top tips and expert advice to get you started.

Give the living room some love

It's usually where the family spends most time over the Christmas holidays, so focusing your energy here will reap rewards.

Adopt a zero tolerance approach to clutter. 

Recycle magazines and newspapers, open and sort mail, return clothes to wardrobes and hide gadgets and tablets in a drawer.

Declutter the shelves: old toys and books can be donated to a good cause. And you’ll be making way for the new ones you’ll be given for Christmas.

Why not make the seating arrangement more festive? Turning sofas to face one another will encourage conversation and add extra chairs for visitors.

Clear out the kitchen

table set for Christmas

"Tackle food cupboards one by one,” advises Sandy Garfield of The Organising Company.

Check use-by dates and bin anything old. Be ruthless. You’ll be amazed how much space you can free up for Christmas goodies.

To give you more prepping room, clear the worktops of any rarely-used appliances. Will you really be juicing on Christmas Eve?

Take everything out of the fridge and wipe it down using an antibacterial spray. Throw out any manky condiments, and replenish the ice-trays in the freezer.

Next, find everything you’ll need for Christmas cooking and entertaining, from roasting pans to the best crockery and glassware for your guests.

Try clearing out a single cupboard or shelf, so you can store your Christmas kit all in one place for easy access.

Sort the spare room

anthea turner

"If you’ve used your spare room as a dumping ground, tackle it now,” advises Anthea Turner, queen of decluttering and creator of the NEAT storage collection.

This is the time to send any stuff you don’t love or use regularly to a charity shop, so it can raise money for Christmas,” she says.

Anthea recommends clear plastic storage boxes to make use of space under the bed, inside cupboards and on top of the wardrobe.

Or stash them away in the loft over Christmas. The clip-on lids will keep contents safe from mice, moths and damp.

Spare room looking bland? “Pretty storage can double as décor," says Anthea. 

“I use wicker hampers as coffee tables and vintage suitcases as multi-purpose boxes."

Louise Unger of The Camouflage Company agrees. 

“Often there’s dead space and mismatched furniture in a guest room, so give it a lift with storage that makes a style statement in beautiful prints or fabrics."

And finally… wage war on clutter

reindeer christmas decoration

Keep on top of pre-Christmas chaos. “Don’t let wrapping paper, labels, tape and ribbon migrate around the house. 

Keep supplies in a holder, so you can cart them from room to room” says professional organiser Vicky Silverthorn.

Get out your boxes of Christmas decorations and recycle anything that's broken, faded or looking tired. 

And if the sight of that old tinsel garland doesn’t fill you with joy, it’s time to junk it.

Only got five minutes to tidy up? Try the laundry basket trick.

Work your way through the house putting anything that's out of place in the laundry basket.

When it’s full, tip it out onto the dining table and then put each item back where it belongs. Order restored!


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