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Rhian Jones

11 retro home trends that you'll never forget


From ancient technology, to terrible decoration trends - here are 11 nostalgic things that have made up our homes over the years.

Retro home collage

1. Artex ceilings

The last thing you see at night and the first thing you wake up to in the morning. 

Artex ceiling

Unless you were staring at a ceiling covered in these...

Star stickers

2. Avocado bathrooms

Before avocados were a food trend, they were a home trend. 

Avocado bathroom with carpet

Not forgetting that carpeted bathrooms were also a thing.

3. The house phone

A phone that you could mount on the wall, such genius. 

Even if you did have to stay in one spot to use it and resort to sitting on the stairs or the floor.


But just how many minutes do you think were spent playing with that curly cable mid-conversation?

4. Sponge painting

Every time you redecorate it's like taking a trip down memory lane. 

Blue sponge painting

Did sponge painting become popular because it was fun or did we actually think it looked good?

5. Lava lamps

Who wouldn't want one of these?

Lava lamps

Lava lamps were first about in the 60s, but they remained popular until the 90s where they were a feature in every teenage girl's bedroom.

6. The Hi-fi

Owning one of these and being able to play music in at least three different formats.

Sony hifi and cassette


But always having a biro to hand just in case it decided to chew up your favourite tape and you had to wind it back in.

7. Dial-up internet

Before broadband, WiFi and 4G, you had to listen to this every time you connected to the internet.

But hey, you had the internet at home, so you didn't really mind. 

What you did mind was the constant battle between using the phone and wanting to go online.

8. The inflatable chair

A must-have for anyone growing up in the 90s, even though they weren't remotely comfortable. 

inflatable chair

9. VHS

Finding out that someone has taped over your favorite film because there were no blank videos in the house was possibly the worst feeling ever. 

VHS tapes

Because who knew when it would be on TV again?

10. Floral and frills

Patterns, patterns everywhere. 

Flora sofa and frilly curtains

And the best bit was buying curtains, cushions and a light-shade that matched the wallpaper. 

Floral bedroom

Does anyone else feel like they're looking at a Magic Eye picture? 

11. Retro games consoles

Hours were spent playing on these - but was your household team SNES or team Mega Drive?

But no matter which console you had, if anything went wrong, there was only one way to fix it.


Image of a games cartridge

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