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7 home insurance claims that are out of this world


From bomb shelters to denture thieves, here are some of the craziest home insurance claims we’ve ever heard of.

Crazy home claims

1. Bunker-busting kitty


Claims for damaged carpets are common enough for home insurance companies.

A not-so-common claim started when a man reported that his cat’s abscess had burst, causing damage to his carpet. 

But the case got stranger when it was revealed that the man was living in an underground nuclear bunker.

With no windows and a single blast door as an entrance, a messy carpet is probably the least of your worries.

Needless to say, the claim was passed on for “further investigation".

2. A mucky puppy

Lots of dog lovers say that cats can be costly when they scratch up your carpets and sofas, and dogs are less dicey. But one pup in Cardiff managed to cause £950 worth of damage to the family sofa when he fetched a bottle of oil from the kitchen, and proceeded to chew it up on the sofa. That's a slippery slope...

Dog lying on its side

3. Persistent pesticide

scary bug

This double whammy claim begins with some home repairs after a house fire at a 500-acre farm. The owner had been storing pesticide in the basement.

Afterwards, the owner noticed that flies would regularly come into the house and through to the basement where they would die almost immediately.

Although the shelf life of the pesticide was only six weeks, it had been heated by the fire and dissolved into the concrete of the basement floor, where it remained potent for months.

The pesticide was also toxic to humans, and the whole house had to be demolished and rebuilt from the basement up.

4. Tooth trouble

Magpies are notorious thieves across the UK, with rap sheets for thefts of jewellery, keys and just about anything shiny that catches their eye. Which says a lot for the dental hygiene of one man, who turned around just in time to watch one of the flying-thieves swoop away with his expensive dentures.

Man driving in car

5. What a pin head


One woman decided that her hardwood floor would make an ideal surface to practice her ten pin bowling.

Rather than blaming the resulting extensive damage on the heavy ball, she was convinced the floors and walls themselves weren’t durable enough.

She really crossed the line there.

6. Urine for a shock


One doting granddad was enjoying showing off his new baby grandson, holding him over a computer so relatives could see him on Skype.

As a taste of more to come for the family, the baby threw up over the computer, causing £450 worth of damage.

Baby got you back.

7. Where the sun don't shine


One British farmer found himself delivering a cow late one night, and was forced to use the torch feature on his iPhone as an aide.

When the phone somehow got lost in the rear end of the animal, the farmer was forced to claim on his home insurance policy.

While unusual, the claim was accepted and the farmer received a full payout.

Bet he was expecting to get a bum deal.


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