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Adam Jolley

Top 10 cheapest city breaks in the world


If you’re wondering where your pound will go furthest this summer, try Hanoi in Vietnam, the world’s cheapest place to visit according to TripAdvisor.


The world’s 10 least expensive places for a city break have been revealed as part of an annual study by the travel website TripAdvisor.

The Vietnamese capital Hanoi takes the top spot this year, moving up from second place in 2013 to knock Sofia in Bulgaria off pole position.

In Hanoi an evening out and overnight stay in a four-star hotel will set the typical couple back only £91.70 on average.

London the priciest city on Earth


At the other end of the scale, London has been revealed as the most expensive destination in the world – perhaps bad news for Brits who thought they could save money by going without a foreign holiday this year.

A night on the town plus hotel stay will cost you £311.80 on average - more than three times the price of an equivalent break in Hanoi.

The study looked at the cost of a visit to 48 key tourist cities around the world to produce its top 10 list.

It took into account typical costs for two people to enjoy a pre-meal cocktail at a five star hotel, a meal out, two taxi journeys of two miles each way, and an overnight stay for two in a four-star hotel during the months of June to August.

But bear in mind that the research does not cover the cost of getting to each destination. 

The 10 best value destinations

Destination Meal for two with wine Two cocktails Taxi fare Hotel Room (4/4.5 star) Total
1. Hanoi - Vietnam £20.49 £8.76 £3.08 £59.37 £91.70
2. Jakarta - Indonesia £23.00 £15.80 £1.74 £54.47 £95.01
3. Sharm el Sheik - Egypt £28.87 £9.25 £2.28 £55.26 £95.66
4. Bankok - Thailand £30.19 £13.54 £2.09 £51.41 £97.23
5. Sofia - Bulgaria £42.61 £6.23 £6.62 £57.03 £112.49
6. Cape Town - South Africa £31.31 £3.30 £7.89 £71.70 £144.20
7. Mumbai - India
 £23.44  £10.45  £4.11 £76.36 £144.36
8. Kuala Lumpur - Malaysia
£35.57   £18.69  £2.13 £60.91 £117.30
9. Prague - Czech Republic
£29.94 £9.17  £4.26 £75.16 £118.53
10. Budapest - Hungary
 £31.47   £15.13  £7.77 £65.72 £120.09

The 10 most expensive city breaks

While Asian destinations make up five of the top 10 best value list, Europe is home to seven of the top 10 cities in the most expensive list and North America home to two.

Behind London, the French capital of Paris came in second place with the average price of a trip costing £305.79.

New York (£300.58), Stockholm in Sweden (£286.87) and the Norwegian capital Oslo (£273.32) made up the rest of the top five costliest places to visit.

Meanwhile, breaking down the expenses for a typical city break shows some significant differences in the expenses travellers face around the world.

  • Cancun cheapest for cocktails


A pre-dinner vodka martini for two is cheapest in Cancun, Mexico, coming in at an average of £2.02.

For the same amount of money you would get just the olives in Paris where two cocktails are over fifteen times more expensive than in Cancun, costing an eye-watering average of £30.98.

  • Stockholm most expensive for dinner


Stockholm in Sweden is the most expensive destination to get a bite to eat, costing £107.57 on average for an evening meal for two.

For the same price you can have dinner for two with wine plus cocktails, cab fare, and a night in a decent hotel in Hanoi and still have change left over.

  • Jakarta cheapest for taxi fares


Grabbing a cab to take a short two-mile journey in Oslo will hit your wallet hard at £33.77.

For the same price, you could travel 76 miles in Jakarta.

  • New York most expensive for hotel rooms

New York

When it comes to finding a place to stay, the Big Apple tops the most expensive list with one night in a four-star hotel costing an average of £218.16.

At four times less than a stay in New York, a room in a four-star Bangkok hotel comes in at an average cost of £51.41.

  • Eastern Europe best for Brits on a budget

Eastern Europe

TripAdvisor spokesman James Kay says: "As people start to think about where to travel this summer, our research helps travellers see where their pound goes the furthest. 

"This year’s results show that Asian destinations are still the most affordable, while European destinations continue to top the most expensive list."

"However," says Kay, "Eastern European countries such as Bulgaria (pictured above) and the Czech Republic seem to be bucking this trend.

"And these may serve as the best places for UK travellers looking for a city break that’s closer to home."


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