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Adam Davies

11 things that are less likely to happen than being a millionaire


Why millionairedom is more likely than being injured by a toilet, getting a double-yolker and hurting yourself while mowing the lawn. 


There are 675,000 millionaires in the UK out of an overall population of 64.1 million people, meaning you have roughly a 1-in-95 chance of being a British millionaire. Congratulations!

Here are some more comparisons that show your chances of being a millionaire are actually a lot better than you thought.

1. Being injured by a toilet = 1-in-10,000


2. Getting a double-yolker = 1-in-1,000

Double yolk

3. Picking up an injury while mowing the lawn = 1-in-3,876

Mowing the lawn

4. Having identical twins = 1-in-285

Identical twin girls

5. Dying from food poisoning = 1-in-3,000,000

Man holding belly 

6. Finding a four-leaf clover = 1-in-10,000

Four leaf clovers

7. Scoring a hole-in-one = 1-in-12,500

hole in one

8. Death from being scalded by hot water = 1-in-5,000,000

Hot shower

9. Being struck by lightning = 1-in-3,000,000


10. Getting eaten by a shark = 1-in-264,000,000

Shark eating bird

11. Being born = 1-in-102,685,000 (or 10 followed by 2.6 million zeros)

baby girl

You were born a winner! If you can achieve birth, you can achieve anything.