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Top 6 family holiday destinations


Here’s a rundown of the most popular places to go on holiday with the family in tow.


Picking a destination is arguably the toughest step when planning a holiday. This becomes even more difficult when you have kids travelling with you.

To give you a hand, we found the favourite holiday destinations of families in 2014/2015 and take a look at why they’re so popular*.



A favourite for a lot of British travellers and we can see why.

With flights from only two and a half hours, the short hop from the UK is a big plus when travelling with young ones.

And with the Mediterranean climate across most of the country, you’ve got summer on your doorstep.

Where to go? 

Costa del Sol has long sandy beaches and lots of hotels and resorts that were built with families in mind.

Main attractions:

Waterparks are popular in Spain, and Costa del Sol has one of the biggest ones. Aqualand promises a whole day of fun for everyone.



Turkey is a popular spot for families, largely due to their range of luxury resorts that take a lot of stress away from parents.

Where to go?

The ancient city of Side - pronounced "see-deh" is on the southern coast of Turkey and boasts the most sunshine due to its location.

Main attraction:

The west beach is a bit more sheltered and has calm waters. It’s the perfect place for kids to splash around without worry.

If lying in the sun isn’t enough, Side’s museum that sits in a restored Roman bath is worth a visit.



France might not be the first country that pops into people’s minds when thinking of family holidays. However, it has become more popular in the last few years.

One reason might be the short travelling time and the option to go via Eurostar, which is far less stressful for little kids than flying.

Where to go?

The Alps offers endless activities to keep everyone busy and happy.

Whether you want to try high ropes in an adventure park, go kayaking or try your hand at skiing, it’s an incredibly peaceful and green part of France.

Main Attraction:

Paris is usually the go-to city for first-time visitors to the country. Why not do a bit of sightseeing and spend a day or two in Disneyland Paris?

You’ll probably have the happiest kids ever on your hands.

Be careful though, they may react strongly when you tell them:


United States

 New York

If you’re planning a big trip, the US is on top of the list for long-haul flights.

The big bonus is the fact that you don’t have to struggle with a different language, so getting around is much easier.

Where to go?

To keep the flight time shorter, visit the east coast.

A trip to New York may be pricey but worth every penny when you finally get to see the Statue of Liberty, enjoy the shows on and off Broadway and try the famous New York pizza.

Main attraction:

Take your family to Coney Island. A favourite among American families, the island is dedicated to family fun with amusements and a beach.


great barrier reef

This one is probably for families with slightly older children.

The flight might put people off but once you set foot in Australia, you won’t be disappointed.

The convenience is in the language and driving on the left side of the road - holidaying in Australia means you’ll probably need to hire a car as the country is so vast.

Where to go?

If you’re going in the summer holidays, bear in mind that Australia is in the southern hemisphere and their winter is during our summer months.

If you want mild temperatures though, visit Queensland where it is consistently around 30 degrees throughout the year.

Main attraction:

Diving in the Great Barrier Reef is an experience you won’t forget, where you can swim among exotic fish and see the colourful corals with your own eyes.

Don’t worry about encountering a shark, though, as all safety precautions are taken.



This may be a surprise, but India is slowly growing in popularity among families.

You might think India is a travelling experience solely for adults, but you’ll be glad to hear that there are plenty of things to do and places to go when you have kids in tow.

 Where to go?

For first-time visitors, try not to cram too much into your holiday. Goa is a beautiful eco-retreat which will offer you a more tranquil experience.

You can stay in one of the many beach huts and spend your day seeing real-life elephants.

Also, the resorts in Goa are family friendly and you’ll find everything you’ll need here.

Main attractions:

Take a nature and wildlife tour where you can go on a boat and see the beautiful Indian landscape.

For more adventurous families, there are also jungle tours where you can see the wildlife close-up and wade through rivers like an explorer - perfect with older kids.

*Destinations are based on the numbers of family travel insurance policies bought between January 2014 and March 2015.


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