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Top 10 destinations for winter sun


Fancy getting away and soaking up some rays this winter? Here are our top 10 destinations for a sun-kissed winter break.

Top 10 winter holidays collage

Luxor, Egypt

Egypt is – of course – best known for the iconic legacy of its ancient civilisation. 

For example Luxor, "the world’s greatest open-air museum", is peppered with pyramids and breathtaking monuments. But not only does Egypt have this mystical appeal, it’s also lovely and warm all year round. 

So, between bouts of unrivalled sightseeing, you can put your feet up and bask. Perfect!

Egypt beach view
Mathias Apitz


Cyprus is a mountainous island in the eastern Mediterranean. The winters are typically very sunny, and – though by no means scorching – the temperature doesn’t usually drop below 20˚C. 

In the midwinter, it’s even possible to ski in the mountains. The food is terrific, and the island has plentiful UNESCO World Heritage sites and unspoiled beaches.

beach view in Cyprus


The smallest country on mainland Africa, the Gambia is a mini delight. It gets up into the early 30˚s during the winter months. 

It’s possibly best known for its stunning scenery and welcoming people. Plus you can go on wildlife tours to see monkeys, baboons, crocodiles and all sorts of other fascinating creatures. 

Plus it’s not as far away as you might think – you should be able to fly there in under six hours.

Gambia beach view

Agadir, Morocco

A major fishing port, the main reason to come to Agadir is for the seafood and the beaches. 

The town was rebuilt after being hit by an earthquake 50 years ago, so it is more modern than most Moroccan towns. As such, don’t expect ‘true’ Morocco if you come to visit. But for a lovely beach and up-to-date facilities, you can’t go wrong.

Morocco beach view


Malta’s position in the Med – south of Sicily and north of the coast of Africa – means that it gets sunshine all year round. 

Its 7000-year history has left the island abundant with fascinating architecture, culture and cuisine. 

It’s well worth taking one of the various boat trips around the island, for a sea view of many of the charming fishing villages. Plus it’s an ideal spot for those keen on hiking, cycling, watersports and golf.

Fishing boats in Malta

Skanes, Tunisia

If you like wonderful long beaches, and enjoy haggling for bargains at local markets, then Tunisia could well be the one for you. 

The resort town of Skanes, features – among other things – a refurbished fort which has featured in Monty Python’s Life of Brian and Raiders of the Lost Ark! There’s plenty to do, ranging from watersports to golf, from museums to camel treks in the desert.

Beach view in Tunisia

Orlando, Florida

Orlando is about much more than theme parks. 

Obviously you can go to Universal Studios, Sea World or the one with the mouse if you really want to; but there are also a great selection of museums, restaurants and golf courses to sample. Or you could just lie on the beach with a good book and feel yourself warm up nicely. It’s entirely up to you.

Beach view in Orlando


This is the second largest of the Canary Islands, and is still comparatively unspoiled. It’s family friendly, crowd-free and, above all, incredibly relaxing. 

There are golf courses, you can take whale-watching trips out to sea, or just lose yourself in the vast expanses of seemingly endless beach.

beach view in Fuerteventura

Torremolinos, Costa del Sol

Though crowded in the summer, Torremolinos slows down to strolling pace during the winter, whilst remaining warm enough for t-shirts and shorts. 

In addition to the long, sandy beaches, it has great shopping and lovely little boutiques. And – of course – plentiful tapas.

beach view in Costa del Sol


A very popular destination, Benidorm is a sunny and mild seaside town on the Costa Blanca. 

The town was once stigmatised as being playpen for boozy Brits, but has long since cast off this dubious reputation. Nowadays it’s much more of a relaxed, family-friendly destination. That’s not to say there isn’t adventure available if you want to seek it out; there are plenty of shows, clubs and theme parks if they’re your thing. 

Otherwise, just sit back, relax, and enjoy the great quality clean beaches.

Benidorm beach view


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