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Adam Jolley

19 festival goers who probably wished they'd stayed at home


1. The girl who hadn't really thought this through.

2. The internetter who wasn't into "old people bands".

Im at this festival where old people bands are playing and im bored.… I'm glad there is free Wi-Fi here

— dom (@kiansbooshka) April 18, 2015

3. The guy who thinks festivals are soooo last year.

4. The couple who went to a festival when they weren't speaking.

5. This gloomy camper.

6. The bloke in the audience decapitated by a stage diver.

7. The artist who has a funny way of measuring success.

'Thanks so much to you guys. Usually when you play folk music on a festival, people get bored. So thanks for not throwing things at me'

— Nuschale (@cimonay) April 18, 2015

8. This man being attacked by a human weapon.

9. The chap who went to a festival and all he got was this lousy vest.

10. The man who tried to jump the metal barriers.

11. This guy.

12. And this guy. Burn.   

13. The man who had a fight with some nettles and lost.

#faceplant into a nettle bush #festivalfail @festibelly

— Jon Max Spatz (@JonMaxSpatz) July 12, 2014

14. The photographer whose picture is worth a thousand smells.

15. The person who found themselves parent-trapped.

I'm so bored 😩 im at festival rn with my parents and it's dead

— ✘hailey wtf✘ (@jaureguiismydad) May 16, 2015

16. This pair of muddy idiots.

17. This tired superhero.

18. The person who thought this was a good idea.

19. This napper who just couldn't handle it anymore. 


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